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01/27/2015- Jean-Claude Seguy of Annecy, France with his new Sunburst Conti comments on his "out of the box" experience
12/20/2014- Bard Foshaug of Trondheim, Norway displays his SECOND new Conti Guitar!
10/28/2014- See Photos of Tony Drake performing with his Conti Guitar at the Bootlegger Italian Bistro in Las Vegas, Nevada
Robert Kogan of Aiken, SC enjoys his beautiful new blonde Conti Guitar.

03/19/2014- Ron of Minnesota puts his new Ruby Red beauty on display!

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"Glad to tell you, I received my Conti's Guitar this morning and I played the instrument right out of the box to see if everything was OK and all is perfect: an amazing instrument, light weight, easy to play, a very deep sound even unplugged. It has a very good sound and no fret buzz... and so, I am happy to receive this as a "gift from the travel gods!" I am proud to own this Conti Guitar which offers a such value for money. Having played classical guitar for many years, I discovered the world of the Jazz through Conti's videos and now the pleasure to play on his guitar. MERCI and BRAVO to this great teacher Monsieur Conti and his N°1 team!"

--Jean-Claude Seguy - Annecy, France

2nd Conti Guitar - December 2014

Norway Calling, again! I bought my second Conti Guitar! New Blonde, fantastic instrument. I got my first in 2009.  Since then, the Conti Guitar became my main guitar. The new one is just as lovely as the first. They each have their character in sound. I highly recommend this instrument. I also have the pleasure of owning a Henriksen Jazz Amp. This amp works very well with this guitar. Recommend it highly.

What is so good with the guitar?  Well, it is incredibly easy to play. It has a lovely sound, not to mention quality from top to toe. It has a reverberation that is amazing. Intonation and mechanics is certainly on par with everything else of top quality. My Gibson ES-175 has not been in use since 2009. My first Conti Guitar has just gotten better and better. The timber does not crack, and the neck and body are stable. If you did compare my new guitar with the first, which is five years older, then you would probably not be able to guess that it was five years difference. But they have of course their own unique sound.

If there is someone in Norway, Trondheim city, which has been wanting to try the guitar, please contact me. I am the sound and music teacher at Trondheim Cathedral School (Secondary).

Again I thank Mike, Robert and the team around the guitar and learning material for again showing fabulous service. Yes, I hold on to forget - test out the fantastic learning material Robert has created. He is a hugely talented educator and guitarist - arguably world class practiced within its genre. I have two great role models in jazz. It's Pat Martino and Robert Conti. 

--Bård Foshaug - Trondheim, Norway
Music Teacher & Musicologist

1st Conti Guitar - October 2009

"NORWAY CALLING! The Conti guitar is amazing, the best guitar I have! Both I and the students are impressed by the quality of this instrument. The Conti Guitar is from this day, my main guitar. It took 5 days from USA to North Norway. Good service. The school and students are also impressed by the ingenious way Robert Conti teaches on the DVDs and books. When my students follow the video, they feel that Robert is in the classroom. So far north and we feel that Robert is in the community." 

--Bård Foshaug - Moen, Norway

"I am amazed that the action and playability of my new Conti Guitar is what it is. It is so much fun to play, I can’t put it down.  When a guitar is easy to play, it encourages you to play more! It amazes me the value. I have spent a lot more money for guitars, and they did not play as well as my Conti. Thanks Robert for a great value!"

--Robert Kogan - Aiken, South Carolina (R.I.P.)

"Dear Mike, Ann, and Mr. Conti: Thank you so much for your wonderful products and service. I am in receipt of the beautiful Ruby Red, and am thrilled with it. I admit that I had anxiety about buying a guitar without first trying it out. A guitar is a major purchase for my budget, and I was fearful of contracting a case of the blues -- buyer's blues.  My wife thought me crazy to worry about buying something from Robert Conti. She knows first-hand how many hours, days, years (Yikes! Time does fly when you're having fun!) of education and entertainment your products have given me. Ruby arrived safe and sound. It is as gorgeous to behold as it is comfortable to hold. And the sound -- "music to my ears!" I wish to thank Ann and Mike for their excellent customer service and kindness. Also, thank you so much for the surprise gifts! I know that we live in different time zones, but I did not realize it was Christmas in Nevada! And, of course, thank you Robert Conti. You continue to be an inspiration to me. With thanks and appreciation,"

--Ronald H. - Minnesota, USA

"It has been hard to wipe the smile off my face since I received the blonde Conti, so I pretty quickly decided to complement the blonde single-pickup with a sunburst double-pickup.  I truly could not be happier with these guitars!  I have owned some nice archtops and other electrics, but there was always something not quite to my satisfaction with tone, neck feel, etc.  The Conti is just amazing in it's tone, feel and playability.  I put a couple of hours daily into practice time, and can honestly say that this guitar elevated my playing pretty much immediately.  Thank you Robert and Mike for the most pleasant purchasing experience!"
--Joe Martindale - Boulder, Colorado

"Just received my new Conti Guitar last night. It's one of the most beautiful thing I've even seen, and it beats my Gibson ES-335 and Epiphone Broadway in every way. Being a small-handed player, it's very hard to find a right guitar to play. The sound, design, hardware, finishing and craft are all in top-notch. Now, playing music with my new Ruby Red feels so effortless and enjoyable! I don't think I can find any instrument with the same cost/performance value here in Hong Kong. Thanks again for providing such a great quality product for us."

--Kwok-Wai Ng - Hong Kong

“I played the Conti Guitar for the first time on a live gig this past Saturday and the audience noticed a difference in my tone. One person told me all of the notes ring out like a church bell and yet the overall sound of the guitar is warm and jazzy. The lead singer in my band immediately noticed how even the response is from the lowest note to the highest; he said he liked how "well balanced" the sound was from the guitar. My weekly gig lasts for four hours and the guitar is very comfortable to play for long periods of time. The action on this fine instrument is very easy on my left hand and that really makes a difference on a long gig. The guitar is very stable and stays in-tune really well. I have 4 gigs coming up this week and the Conti Guitar will be played at all of them! I want to take this opportunity to thank Robert Conti for his well thought out design which resulted in an outstanding instrument. Also thanks to Mike for outstanding customer service in every respect - you are TOP NOTCH!”

--John Monllos - Newport, Rhode Island
See John play his Conti Guitar on the Videos page!

"I am very happy for the Conti Guitar. It is amazing.  It is a fantastic instrument and sounds perfect like I want it. The finish of the guitar is also perfect. I have have had many good guitars in my possession during my time as musician, but the Conti Guitar is really the best guitar I’ve ever played on. Thank you very much."

--Arnfinn Tangerud - Søgne, Norway

"What a beautiful way to start the day, a brand new Conti guitar, just perfect out of the box. This guitar sings beautifully like a church bell. I opened the box and I found two complimentary sets of strings, a chord melody DVD, a tuner and a beautiful velvet cushioned gig bag. The guys at RobertConti.com really know how to blow you away, first a great guitar (that I am finding hard to put down, poor neighbours) and then secondly they even went above and beyond throwing in some goodies I didn’t expect.

Well, what can I say about the guitar? I have to say when first holding the guitar I lit up like a Christmas tree, as you can see on this picture. Robert plays these guitars before sending them out to make sure they are up to his standards and apparently he didn’t want to let this one go. I sure can see why the action is low, there is no fret buzz and as I said before it really sings. This guitar plays like a dream and reacts beautifully to the articulation of the pick. It’s warm, has a lovely character of its own and feels smooth, sweet and silky to play. Anyway I won’t bend your ear anymore; the proof is in the playing, so I think you can all guess that I am going to go back to playing my new guitar. Thanks Robert Conti, all of your team, you really delivered on this one."

--Adam Hinchliffe - Huddersfield, United Kingdom

 "My first impression of the Conti Guitar was that it was thoughtfully designed, very different from any other guitar out there. The combination of the full 17" lower bout combined with the thin body makes it very comfortable for my right arm to rest on the guitar and the resulting neck position makes for ideal left hand low stress positioning. The construction materials and components are top notch as well. I love the position of the input jack, it's right where you expect it be, the first try. Super nice gig bag as well. Great job on a terrific instrument that I expect will get a lot of playing time."

--Randy Klingbeil, Austin, Texas

"Having recently purchased the Conti jazz guitar, I must say there is no equal. The innovative 24 fret neck challenges any jazz player to think beyond the traditional fretboard. The neck's thin line construction gives the player an immediate fluid feel. Whether a flurry of notes or the strike of that unmistakable "blue note", this guitar leaves you yearning for more. Warm tones, great action, and soft curves make this particular guitar potentially addictive. You won't stop playing. Creativity will soar and passion will fill the air. People will notice that you are not just making music but making musical magic. Robert Conti clearly takes pride in his product. Materials and craftsmanship are of the highest quality. Articulate notation, strums, strikes, thumbing octaves and the like are so effortless on the Conti jazz guitar. My dollar investment will surely return 100 fold in terms of the sheer pleasure I will have for years to come in playing this instrument."

--Bruce Thomas - Lake Arrowhead, CA 

"I've been searching for a Jazz Guitar for two years and I've finally found it. Fell in love with the Conti at first sight. The body is beautiful, it's light weight, easy to play and sounds great. I decided to play for half an hour or so when I got it home - sat there for 3 hours and couldn't put it down! Since I accompany myself singing, I really need a full warm sound. No disappointments here. I'm finally getting that professional sound I've dreamed of. The cut away is a blessing. This guitar is so easy to play,  it's given me a major confidence boost. I swear I can play anything! Thanks Mr. Conti!"
--Al-Yasha Anderson - Oldenburg, Germany
"Out of the box, the Conti is bright and jazzy (makes you feel good) not screechy like a rock guitar. The guitar is fast, low flat action, none of the usual  buzzing from having been shipped and very easy to play. The frets have a nice feel and are easy on your fingers. What you play is what you get, even quickly when you change chords with each beat.  Being solid wood makes it more tonal.  In other words, the pickup is not the only thing affecting the tonal result. I got that as soon as I started playing it. The Ruby Red finish is awesome. Breathtaking, including the gold accessories. The gig bag is also nice. So there I sit with an awesome guitar in my lap, perfectly designed to play jazz. No matter what I learn or become, this guitar will be at that level. It is a professional tool made to do exactly what it does, and well. I knew it would be like that with the Robert Conti name on it. Well I am off to Long Beach with the Conti Guitar, it will be in a jazz performance of sorts today!"
--Paul Pitt - San Diego, CA
"My new Conti Guitar arrived today (Saturday) as planned and it looks and plays GREAT! I love it and it's everything you said it would be.  Here is a photo taken in my home music studio with the new Conti Guitar and the Henriksen JazzAmp 112.  I love both and I appreciate your help and support with all the products I have purchased thus far. 

Thank Mr. Conti for providing such great educational materials.  I reflect back to my early days when I first started playing guitar at 8 years old.  My teacher taught me what he called melody chord arrangements which I still remember and can play today.  However, he never explained why these chords were chosen for the melody, and now, after studying The Chord Melody Assembly Line and The Formula, much of this is coming into full view for me. Thanks also for the complimentary DVDs. As I progress, I will send a few YouTube videos to Will Kriski's Facebook group."

--Tim Cornelius - Chandler, AZ
Night Groove Band

"I received my Conti Guitar the day before yesterday. I had to break away to write this because I’m having a hard time putting it down. The guitar is “as advertised” and much, much more. I was a little hesitant about buying a guitar sight unseen, but Mike was very helpful and took the time to answer all my questions to my satisfaction. Thanks Mike!  I tweaked the tuning and it was ready to go right out of the box. The guitar is flawless, plays like a dream and far exceeds my expectations. The action on this guitar is unbelievable.  I own seven guitars by leading guitar manufacturers and none of them played like this guitar out of the box. It looks, plays and sounds better than guitars at twice the price. The Conti Guitar is easily going to become my favorite guitar!"
--Mike Setunsky - Woodbridge, VA
Conti 7-String Equity Custom
"I've had my Conti 7-String Equity Custom since May 2013 and I am very happy with this guitar.  The neck is somewhat wider than most other seven string guitars. This is not unpleasant, but only takes a little while to get used to. The construction of the neck, where it “hits” the cutaway is very cleverly designed to facilitate playing in this area of the neck.  I am very happy with only one pickup as I play mostly jazz and it gives the controls an uncluttered feel.  As a contributing writer for Just Jazz Guitar magazine, I have been able to test and play many other guitars through the years, but this guitar is certainly one of the better ones I have played."
--Tonnie van der Heide - Bergen, Norway
Visit Tonnie's Website
"I just received my Blonde Conti Equity Edition guitar. All I can say is wow, what a beauty! It arrived lightning fast, just a few days from the time of order, and played like a dream right out of the box!  A work of fine craftsmanship from the solid spruce top, solid maple sides & back, to the Mother of Pearl/Abalone inlays and gold finish hardware. Then, when I started playing it, another couple of pleasant surprises: the action was already set nice and low just the way I like it, making it easy to play and the cutaway provides easy access to all 24 frets. Thank you Robert Conti, for creating such a quality instrument that I will enjoy every day for years to come!"
--Will Kriski - Sackville, Canada
"I have finally returned from lots of travel and had a chance to play the new guitar. First off, let me congratulate you and your company for doing such a nice job on the instrument. It is a pleasure to play and beautiful to look at."
--Jeffrey Krivis - Tarzana, CA

June 13, 2013 (Ruby Red Conti Guitar!):

"I want to thank you for yet another amazing guitar. The gorgeous Ruby Red Conti that I've added to my collection not only looks, but plays beautifully! And yes, the wife loves it too."

January 11, 2010 (Midnight Black Conti Guitar):

"Wanted to let you know that I'm excited to be the owner of one of your guitars. The "Conti" makes a great addition to my collection. Played it through all of my jazz amps, and the sound is incredible, no matter which one it played through!  Couldn't have asked for anything more!!!  I really appreciate all of the help that you and Mike provided, including the smooth transaction!!! See you at NAMM!"

--Michael Simoni - Lodi, CA

May 20, 2013 Update:

"WOW, two new Henriksen JazzAmps and two Conti Guitars, a fantastic combination. The sound is crystal clear and exactly what we were after. The Conti's sound so good through these amps; they are best combination around for Jazz. Thanks again Mike and Robert for your great service."
--Geordie Thompson
Charles Hoernemann,
Perth Western Australia

"I NEVER NEVER buy a guitar over the internet sight unseen. I waited years for an all-original Johnny Smith to show up locally. I bought my Conti Guitar sight unseen from you because I inherently trust you, and with good reason. I am surprised by your guitar, only because it exceeded my (already high) expectations, based on all your other products. You outdid yourself on this one. Thanks again so much for how you took such interest in making sure my new guitar was in my hands tonight. 

I must say that after talking to Robert on the phone (fascinating conversation), I got a chance to spend some time with the new guitar.  It is amazing!  I played it unamplified, which is what I normally do at home.  I only tried it through my amp to make sure there wouldn't be any "surprises" the next time the band gets together next week.  What I found was that the same settings I use for my Johnny Smith, work well for my Conti Guitar. . .
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"I received my Conti Guitar yesterday and everything was more than okay.  The box was in perfect shape and the FedEx guy was very careful during the treatment of my package.  The guitar is fantastic, fits like a glove, is beautifully finished and really built for speed.  I have been trying out the guitar directly through my mixer with tone controls nicely in the middle and the typical Conti sound was there immediatelyI've played for several hours today and she becomes better by the minute. I play jazz guitar for 40 years now and I have had many good guitars in my possession during that period, but the Conti Guitar is really the best guitar I've ever played on. I have an immediate bond with this guitar and that is a very rare phenomenon. This is "THE GUITAR" I want to keep for the rest of my life. What a great value for that money! The best investment of my life. Thanks for everything!"
--Hugo Ruys - Londerzeel, Belgium
"THANKS!!! Robert Conti is a genius. His instructional books a DVDs are a prescription for significant improvement in guitar playing artistry. When I opened the package with my new Conti guitar, I was astonished by its visual beauty. I started playing and was in amazement. I have played guitars costing over $40,000 dollars in showrooms, but I could not put my natural Conti down. Robert Conti please stay in good health and keep up the good work."
--Dr. Sebastian Peter - Nassau, Bahamas

November 21, 2012:

"All going well between the blonde and the brunette with the blonde still adjusting to the weather a bit.  The double pickup natural blonde is a great complement to the  single pick up sunburst, with a special sound all of its own. Each are unique in their own way and feel great to play. The quality of these instruments is second to none and I am sure as the word gets out they will be a prized possession of many great guitarists. Thank you Robert, for taking the time to develop this guitar and Mike, for your great service and support."

--Geordie Thompson - Perth, Australia

March 15, 2011:

"My Sunburst Conti is a dream guitar and the light weight is a real key factor for me as I had trouble standing for long periods with a full size archtop. This one made all my fellow muso’s jealous with is smooth tone and great feel. Thanks Robert and the Conti team, the support has been fantastic and it's all a matter of practice now!"

--Geordie Thompson - Perth, Australia
"I have played many fine archtop guitars, but I must say that my Conti stands out among all of them. Playability was perfect upon arrival.  Sound is warm and robust through my Polytone amp – notes are even throughout the length of the neck.  Frankly, there’s nothing that I would change about the instrument.  To say it’s a great guitar for the money is misleading.  It’s a great guitar – period!"
--Dr. William Bozeman - New Smyrna Beach, FL
"Thanks for the call yesterday. I couldn't resist taking the guitar out of its shipping box today, despite my resolution to wait until I return from my Canada trip. What can I say? What a beautiful object it is. If a bear chews off my left hand next week in the wilderness camp, I will still keep this instrument for its gorgeous looks. The next "Wow-factor" is the action, fretboard and fluent playability.  A mere 5 minutes was enough to make it clear to me that this is my number 1 instrument.  And I haven't even plugged it in yet!  So I think you get the idea - I like it - a lot. ;-)  I'd also like to thank you for the exemplary service.  In these days of "anything goes as long as it makes money," it's good to encounter people providing an excellent product they are totally convinced of and standing behind it."
--Steve Hardy - Salzburg, Austria

"As I write this, I can see my new Conti, natural blonde, single pickup, guitar sitting in its guitar stand. I’m at a loss for words in telling you how beautiful it is.  For me, the 17" body is the right size for a jazz guitar.  The scale length, 24.6 inches, fits my hand better than the 25.5 inch, and the neck joining at the 16th fret is great. The Conti Guitar is a real joy to play, and I’m looking forward to connecting it to the Henriksen JazzAmp 112.  Then I can really begin my new venture in electric guitar playing. Years ago, I played an acoustic guitar.  Now that I’m retired, I have been bitten by the guitar bug “again.” With my new Conti Guitar and the Source Code DVD series, I have sidestepped a lot of frustration and dead ends.  I now feel that I’m on my way to playing the guitar the way I have always wanted to.  I also want to say that getting back into guitar music has been a very pleasant procedure made possible with the help and encouragement of Mike at Pinnacle Production Group.  Thank you, Mike, for your follow-up phone calls.  It has been a pleasure doing business with you, and I’m looking forward to doing more business with you in the near future."

--Melvin Freeman - Canby, OR

"I love playing guitar. I am not a professional musician by any stretch, not even of my own imagination. I have a few guitars now that I'm older and have a little more time to play. My favorite used to be my 1979 Les Paul Custom. It's a Silverburst and in extremely good condition. My wife asked me, "why don't you sell that one and buy the other guitar you want?" She obviously does not understand the complexities of guitar ownership!!! I must say that as of now, my new Conti is my favorite guitar. I come home from work at lunch time and eat as quickly as I can, and then I play the Conti Guitar for a half hour before returning to work.  As soon as I walk in the door, I play again until my wife comes home and gives me the look.  It's not a bad look like most husbands get. It's the "it's my turn to play the piano!" look. Thank you Mr. Conti for the remarkable instrument.  I'm very pleased with the ease at which the guitar plays and tone and quality."
--Joe Ialacci - Hamilton, NJ
"Mike, I just wanted to let you know that my new Conti guitar arrived safe and sound.  I've already had it out and and begun playing it.  It sounds great...lush, toneful, and resonant.  And the action is smooth and fast.  Thank you for postponing its delivery until I was back in town and for your care in ensuring that it arrived safely.  And thank you for the complimentary Smoking Lineman and Jazz Lines DVDs as well as the Intellitouch Tuner.  I am bowled over by your generosity.  Please tell Mr. Conti that I love the new guitar and can't put it down. I hope some day to have the good fortune to meet him and you."
--Jim From Missouri, United States

July 17, 2012:

"There's only one thing better than having a Conti guitar and that's having two! I was fortunate enough to be able to purchase a second guitar for traveling and once again, thank you Robert, Mike and staff.  In the mid 70's I had a black beauty Les Paul that was my favorite guitar but in the mid 90's we were separated and I could never find a guitar I liked as much. When I received my first Black Conti Guitar, it reminded me of the past so I bought a second (Sunburst) and life is good again! Thanks for a great set of products and service."

--Patrick Browning, Pittsburgh, PA

February 5, 2012:

"Thank you for being you - I love the books , DVDs and the Conti Guitar is unbelievable.  I would like to thank Mike for getting it in my hands around my busy travel schedule and the guitar tech who set it up. It's true, I unpacked it and tuned it up and it played perfectly. You have no idea how long I have dreamed of being able to play chord melody but until I began your program I really didn't make any real progress. Thank you!"

--Patrick Browning, Pittsburgh, PA 

"The guitar arrived yesterday, a day early.  It is very beautiful and completely conforms to the description.  It is properly adjusted and very easy to play. I knew that the Conti Guitar was manufactured by Peerless and I decided to buy without having seen or tried the instrument.  I'm not disappointed even though I had to part with three good guitars.  I had a Godin Multiac Jazz but it was far too heavy so I appreciate the lightness of this new guitar and its playability.  The neck is perfect and flawless.  I played a little blues with a slight overdrive on the bridge pickup and it responded very well. I also like the fact that it is a thinline design, as it's very comfortable.  I played a concert last Saturday and I am quite satisfied. In summary, I love this guitar."
See video of Jean-Jacques playing his Conti Guitar!

--Jean-Jacques Coulet, Précieux, France

"In my 40+ years as a professional studio recording and touring musician, I finally found an instrument that meets all of my needs as a guitarist.  The Conti Guitar is well thought out, made out of top quality material and beautifully designed. It has the appearance of an instrument costing well over 3 or 4 times the price, yet Mr. Conti makes this excellent instrument affordable for the working class musician. Out of the box, the Conti Guitar delivers the feel and sound of an “old friend” that I have been playing for years. The only thing that I changed was the 3rd string G from a 20 wound to an 18 plain, because I do a lot of string bending in my style of playing which is Rhythm, Blues and Jazz.  Any guitarist who is into fine instruments and takes his playing seriously, should give this guitar great consideration, and for “Hollow Body” players, it is “The New Bentley of Guitars!”. Thank you Robert Conti for your vision, insight and friendship."

--Tony Drake, Las Vegas, NV

"I was presented this custom built Robert Conti Archtop jazz guitar.  I played it the first set and the tone and feel is incredible. The guitars are amazing instruments and are all they should be and more than expected. The neck is like no other, and I mean that coming from a Gibson/Fender man.  A must have for the serious Jazz and full tone player.  Robert's customer service is second to none and the Conti crew goes well and beyond, no disappointments here. What an honor to have Mr. Conti bring it to the gig and sit in with me and play the guitar live.  He brought the house down!"

--Bill McIllwain, Junction, UT
High Country Recording and Mastering, Inc

"Over the years, I have come to rely on my own ability to set up my guitars without consulting the "Pros". After pulling my new Equity out of the box and picking through a few tunes, out of habit, I grabbed the toolbox. After about 10 minutes and a few delicate tweaks of the bridge and truss rod, this bad boy was singing like a bird and ready to dig serious pay dirt! Now, after playing this fine instrument for a couple of weeks I can honestly say it is my #1 Axe! I am absolutely enchanted with the warm classic jazz tone this piece of wood produces. The action in the neck is silky smooth and the frets are blindingly fast! Playing this guitar is awe-inspiring and beckons the player to reach for their very best! I must say, I have fallen in love and it seems to get better each day I play it. If you are serious about playing guitar and you can possibly swing it, buy this instrument! You will not regret it. Is there a better place to spend your Music Store Dollars than RobertConti.com? My answer is a resounding no! Many thanks to Bob and all the staff. Gods Bless."
--Billy Stanley, Charlotte, NC

"Here’s a photo of me with cheesy grin occasioned by my new Conti Guitar which arrived safe and sound, only 4 days Las Vegas to New Zealand! Beautifully packed—might spend some time reading the Las Vegas newspapers!  First impressions are of a beautifully finished instrument, the fret polishing is impeccable. It even has that new guitar smell! Going out to the local guitar shop to buy a new strap, won’t insult it with a tatty old one. Buying a guitar sight unseen is always a time of mild stress, will it be what they claim? Will the neck be a small tree trunk, etc.? I read all the patrons’ comments and went ahead. Guess what? They were all right on the nail! It’s a pleasure to play and is beautifully styled. I will never achieve Roberts level of playing but I’m going to have huge fun trying! I always wanted a Gibson Byrdland but even the Epiphone version was twice the price of the Conti in New Zealand. How great to have a thin bodied archtop at such a reasonable price. Thanks to you all for a very efficient deal and thanks to Robert for coming up with such a fine instrument at such a price. Keep up the good work!"

--Mike Keeling, Auckland, New Zealand 

"In 2009 when Robert Conti came out with his Conti Archtop guitar, I purchased one identical to the one I am holding in the photo!  It still looks and plays like a dream. The thinner body is extremely comfortable. The action is low and fast as well. The pick guard and tail piece are wood - just all an around great guitar with a lot of attention to detail.  Mr. Conti, thank you for being an absolute gentleman and taking the time to speak with me at the NAMM show. You are an inspiration to me and countless other musicians. Whenever you are in Southern California again, please contact me and we'll do dinner. :)"

--Dr. Paul Shitabata, Rolling Hills Estates, CA

"I received the Conti Guitar and the Henriksen JazzAmp last Tuesday, in due time.  Everything arrived in perfect shape.  What can I say about the Conti Guitar? Well, the guitar matches your description in all points.  Noble materials, high quality finish.  Plugged into the Henriksen JazzAmp, the guitar delivers a clear and warm sound. 

I would like to thank you guys for your competent and individual support during my purchase (the online support by chat during my order on your website was a unique experience, Steve!) and for the learning material.

Congratulations to RobertConti.com for the quality of their products and for the great service."

--Sylvain Goek, Bremen, Germany

"I am very pleased with my Conti Guitar, thank you.  I work as an actor/musician in a theater in Oslo, and I think I will use it in my job this winter.  It sounds great and is so light weighted. Very nice.  I love the playability and I am happy to have it in my collection."

--Hans Rønningen, Gjettum, Norway

"I am very pleased with my Conti Guitar, the way it sounds, the way it looks - it really stands out. The amp arrived safe and sound. Have just plugged it in and it sounds great. Please pass on my thanks and best wishes to Robert for a great guitar at a great price and with the Henriksen JazzAmp, what more could you ask for?  Mike, thanks to you for all your help; you are a real professional and it has been a pleasure to do business with you over the Internet."

--Murray Biggs - Wellington, New Zealand

Richard Smith takes delivery of his new Sunburst Conti Guitar directly from Robert Conti at the Suncoast Hotel in Las Vegas, NV

"I finally got a second to write you and tell you how much I'm enjoying this wonderful guitar. It's hard to fault this guitar for form, fit or finish. I think it's on the level of a custom shop Gibson, but with some better appointments. I currently have a Gibson ES-165HE and a ES-135 that have both been professionally Plek'ed and they don't play as well as this Equity right out of the box. I'm really enjoying the lightweight thinline body, can play it for hours and not feel weighted down - my ES-135 feels like I've strapped on a bag a bricks by comparison.  All I can say is I'm quite impressed with my blonde Conti Guitar, especially the fast, low action Ebony neck. Thanks guys for sending me the close up pictures and helping me feel comfortable about spending 2 large on a guitar I've never seen or held. Also, thank you Robert for including the promo picture addressed to me, that extra touch made the whole "new guitar" experience very special. BTW, I've named her Marilyn because she's an absolute blonde bombshell!"

--Douglas Martin, Woodinville, WA

"I've had my Conti Guitar and Henriksen 112 amp for about one month now, and I couldn't be more pleased.  I've played three gigs out already and have been very happy with my tone in each venue.  I made a small bridge adjustment (raised it slightly) out of the box due to some minor buzzing which is likely because of the high humidity where I live.  Since then, all I do is tune and play.  The intonation is outstanding and the ease of play is superior to my other archtops.  My experience with Mike and the guys during my purchase has been outstanding.  Thanks for providing such a high quality, reasonably priced guitar.  I will enjoy this rig for years to come."

UPDATE 7/22/2011:
"Have I told you how much I LOVE this guitar!  Finally I have an axe that produces a beautiful clean jazz sound with the lightest touch...and it screams the blues through overdriven systems like the MESA Transatlantic 30. It's the only guitar I've played since receiving it in May. Thanks again!

--Mark Bauer - Cincinnati, OH

"I received my guitar last week. It arrived in excellent condition!  It is really an amazing instrument. So beautiful with perfect action and a warm and sweet sound.  The Conti Guitar is very comfortable and it is a joy to play.  I am very happy with my Conti Guitar!  I want to thank you, for the great service, the complimentary DVDs and the Tuner.  Best wishes to all."

--Stefan Haeusser - Bad Endbach, Germany

"Just had to say thanks for the mention at the beginning of the Ticket To Improv, Vol. 3 DVD.  It was so cool to hear you talking to me and thanks so much for the compliment you gave me as well.  By the way, you're very welcome for me letting you use my guitar for the video!  The more I play this Conti Guitar, the deeper my appreciation goes for this fine instrument.  She plays so smooth and even all over the neck that it actually feels like it's drawing jazz lines out of you.  I'm having so much fun playing it.  Great stuff Robert, you truly are the man! Thanks to you all at RobertConti.com.....life's good." 

See videos of Steve playing his Conti Guitar!

--Steve Vetter - New Westminster, Canada

"I have been playing the Conti Guitar pretty much exclusively for jazz arrangements since I got it.  I even use it for fingerstyle jazz arrangements because of the easy action and the access to the high registers.  I own several other guitars (a couple of Taylor acoustics), but the Conti is my favorite archtop!"
--Bob Roberts - Spokane, WA

"I received the guitar on Wednesday as promised.  I was completely blown away by its appearance. I did not anticipate that a blonde guitar would have the darker brown highlights on the neck. Also the inlay fret markers are stunning and really light up in bright light. The neck is fantastic. I now think I can keep up with Robert with  his amazing runs on the guitar. The action is incredible. I have rock guitar, a Music Man Axis Sport which is known for their necks and it is great but I can play even faster and with more control on the Conti guitar. I have an old fender concert tube amp which I had to add a Tech 21NYc and Digitec digital delay to to warm my other guitars. But with the Conti i just went straight into the clean channel and I am in Archtop heaven. I really think that with this instrument I will improve as a guitar player. As I may have mentioned before I am 64 years old and I play mainly to ward off senility while my wife likes to do crossword puzzles.

I also have to thank you for all the other learning materials you have sent me and for the tuner.  Your company has always exceeded my expectations which is something I strive to do for my patients and I know this cannot be done without an incredible amount of effort and a real sincere concern for the customer, as well as the bottom line of the company.  So In closing please tell Robert how pleased I am with this guitar and the way I have been treated by your company."

--Dr. Michael Yollick - Scarborough, ON, Canada

"I hadn't picked up a guitar in months.  Arthritis had arrived with age and at 82 years I missed making music.  Then I read about the special attributes of the Blondes, and the special features in their make-up.  I did truthfully however still have some fears.  I put them aside, and Mike was doing everything possible to get the Blonde to me before the VAT (tax) increased in the UK.  All went to plan, the guitar was in my hands, and I was playing again.  My hand could grasp the fretboard, my fingers were able to find the chords which I had thought were long gone to me, and their most beautiful sounds filled my ears and heart.
Everything possible that could be said about this wonderful instrument produced by Robert Conti has been said.  I would add that the equally wonderful Robert Conti team that handles their superb product did not look upon this just as a “sale.”  The team took care of me as a person, understanding my problems.  Thank you, Mike and your colleagues, for this care and consideration."

--Alan Shaw - London, England

To all at RobertConti.com: What a pleasure it is doing business with a first class organization such as yours! From the initial contact to the final arrival (right on time!) of your beautiful instrument - the whole process has been flawless.  The guitar is a work of art - fine craftsmanship.  Tough to describe, like owning a fine watch, the precision and attention to detail is here.  I will play it and admire it, play it and admire it, play it and. . . Thanks to all for your time, effort, support and generosity. You have made this a memorable association.

--Donald Grass - Beaumont, CA

Listen to additional audio comments from Don below:


A Special Moment

Jesse Montemayor of Newhall, CA, traveled to the 2011 NAMM Expo in Anaheim, CA, specifically to have Robert autograph his new Conti Guitar! This event took place at the OnBoard Research Corp. (Intellitouch Tuners) exhibit following Robert's Saturday performance.  Click here to see video of the signing

"All I can say is "Oh my God," just a tweak on the tuning and it was ready to hit the stage right out of the packaging.   This is an amazing instrument, what else can be said about a guitar that looks, plays and feels like a handcrafted custom costing 5 times as much. It plays like velvet but yet has a balanced acoustic sustain that rivals any archtop guitar on the market.  The action and feel of the neck is superior to anything I have ever played.  The pickup placement is ideal for warm pure jazz tones and also has a defined crispness for melodic solo work. As a working musician, this guitar is ultimately my new tool of choice.  My deep appreciation to Mr. Conti for making such an instrument a reality.  God bless, merry Christmas and happy holidays!"

--Wayne Harper - San Antonio, TX

"For those familiar with the excellent quality of the teaching products of Mr. Conti and the Pinnacle Production Group, it will come as no surprise that the Conti Guitar maintains that very high standard for quality and affordability.  In times of a tight economy every dollar counts, and this beautiful guitar is a great value – beautifully made, excellent shipping and follow-up from Mr. Conti’s associates, beautiful to hold and play.  I am extremely happy with mine and I am a rank beginner, but this instrument exceeds all my expectations and will be with me as long as I can fret chords with one hand and pick strings with the other.  Thank you Mr. Conti for making this guitar available at such a reasonable cost and for your dedication to teaching the skills and joy of jazz guitar."
Dennis Lane - Somerset, KY

"Well, I made it to Germany.  I put the guitar in the overhead compartment. Everything went well. On arrival in Munich, I walked out behind a fat lady and no one noticed me, so I didn't pay any customs. 

It's a great guitar. I've been playing it since I arrived- really nice tone.  And that neck is like glass with great action!"

--Dennis Taylor - Munich, Germany

"It was indeed a pleasure to meet both of you at our hotel in Las Vegas.  The “CONTI GUITAR” meets my expectations and is truly a fine guitar for me and a real friend to keep my goal of being a wannabe guitar player.  As I promised, enclosed are some pictures of me and my new “BUDDY!”  Beryl sends her regards as well."

--J. Eldon Woodcock - Oshawa, Canada

"I presented Pinnacle with a unique challenge – ship a Conti Guitar to my workplace - a remote village in rural British Columbia – with no cell service, no weekend deliveries…just one totally stoked customer dancing about anxiously awaiting its arrival.  Mike not only met this challenge, but went above and beyond to ensure this beautiful instrument arrived safely in my hands and performed perfectly.  “Thank you” doesn’t even come close to expressing my gratitude for his exceptional service and communication. Robert has designed an extraordinary piece of living art – absolutely beautiful to hold, super fast light action, and gorgeous rich tones.  It is a joy to play, impossible to put down – a real gem.  Showed it to a local teacher (nearly had to pry it out of his hands) and to a pro luthier who was astoundingly impressed!  The ease of playing this wonderful instrument together with Robert’s instruction have blown away the conventional learning curve.  WOW!  Before receiving the guitar and these materials, I’d spent too much time muddling around with scales and theory but even after a few short weeks of digging into the Precision Technique DVD, I can flip open a Real Book and play any melody line up and down the neck with ease.  What a huge jump in confidence and playing pleasure.  Thank you Robert for sharing your knowledge - what a difference you’ve made in this gal’s musical development.  Not bad for a new player (~ 6 months)!"  Watch video of Dr. Durante playing her Conti Jazz Guitar

--Dr. Kathleen Durante - Gold River, Canada

"The guitar arrived in one 1 week after the order, exactly as stated! The craftsmanship is superb and a lot of attention has been paid to details. The woods are high quality and the neck is really fluid, not too fat or too slim. The strings rest very nicely and evenly throughout the length of the fretboard. The pick-up gives a crystal clear sound (lot of bell sounds) which can then me modeled to fit your desired tone.  All in all this is by far the best archtop I've owned, and I've owned a few! It is also really comfortable in that it is not too wide and has a deep rich sound which archtops should have. I'm a a very happy owner.  Thanks for all your assistance in making it a smooth transaction!"

--Mario DeLuca, Rome Italy

"Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy the new Conti Guitar. Somehow you managed to create a little "masterpiece" of an instrument. This is amazing in so many ways.  Also wanted to ask that you not change anything in this model. The sustain is absolutely amazing. This may have been accidental but if so it’s a wonderful accident!  I did an experiment with a delay pedal and the result was: it’s not necessary with this guitar. The sustain is there so much I didn't notice the delay effect hardly at all. Matter of fact I felt it actually took away from my sound. I'm going to be in the market for a blonde version (like you, I've always been partial to blondes) But that's a whole other subject. Anyway Boss, I beg you - please don't change the basic design of this box. it’s incredible! Better make sure your gigs are secure cause nowadays I'm gettin almost as good as you!"  Watch a video of Jesse jammin' on his Conti Guitar

--Jess Johnson - Salem, OR

"I received the guitar. It's was delivered in perfect shape. It was seen and heard by virtually everyone at the [National Guitar Workshop] campus, about 300 people.  I was excited about it, and carried it on my back or played it every night of the week.  I would have put a www.robertconti.com sign on the gig bag if possible, that's how much of a believer I am in his teaching, and how much I like the guitar!"

--Guy Guerra - Naples, FL

"As a teenager, my first “real” guitar was a used Gibson ES-295.  I played it to death and then very proudly bought a new 1964 “Barney Kessel” model.  I have since owned every archtop Guitar in the Gibson catalog.  My favorite being the L-5 Wes Montgomery model which I still own .  Since I consider you my mentor, I decided to try the guitar that has been designed and produced by you.  You really nailed it Bob.  The Conti Guitar has captured the essence of the Gibson L-5 while expanding its capabilities and designing in extra added attractions that only a working guitar player can appreciate.  For instance, the guitar meets the body at a different fret level allowing access to the upper register above the 12th fret, the relocation of the input plug in a different place so that you don’t wear out your cords AND pants with constant gigging, and the characteristic humbucking sound has not been left behind either.  The thin body style reminds me of my gigging  guitar, the Byrdland, but you haven’t engineered out the acoustic sound.  This is the guitar that we have been waiting for!" 

--Joel Lackey - Las Vegas, NV

"The guitar did arrived in excellent condition!!!! I already played for one hour and she is really unbelievable - very nice tone she looks and feels great!  What a girl hahaha.  I want to thank you for the great service...I gone study the books this afternoon and the tuner is great, also very handy is the gigbag :-)  Thanks again, I gone play some more.."

--Iwan Gronert - Rotterdam, Netherlands

"I love the Conti Equity - Robert chose the combination of features that has eluded everyone else.  A solid spruce top on a thinline? With a deep cutaway?  Yeah, baby!  This instrument is a topshelf blend of art, science and genuine craftsmanship that is really easy on the hands, the back, and the eyes - and really difficult to put down.  Inspirational - and more hours with the instrument in my hands makes me a better player.  With this instrument, and The Source Code series, Robert Conti has provided the keys to the kingdom - Thanks!!!"

--Jeff Borthick - Bluffton, SC

"My first impression of the guitar was WOW! It is truly beautiful and it plays like a dream. Smooth and sweet. The tone is gorgeous through both the Fender Princeton and the Johnson Millennium. I love it through the Roland 120 setting on the Johnson. But I am just using the Fender for practicing. It has a lot of great tonal variation. But playing it is phenomenal. The neck is absolutely the best I have ever played. I just tuned it up and it played perfect all the way up to 24th fret. Not a buzz and intonation is perfect. The neck has just the right spacing so the complex chordal inversions fall perfectly under my fingers and the single string notes just glide off the neck. It is fast and precise, just like Robert.  With this guitar and the DVD's I am actually able to execute the chops and grips much more fluidly. As we all know, guitar is not easy to play well; but this guitar is easy to play and just makes me want to not put it down. I thank you all very much. It was nice to find a tuner and the complimentary DVD's in the package, greatly appreciated.   It was truly a pleasure to meet Robert and talk with both of you last Sunday evening. Well, thank you again for the fabulous guitar, the exceptionally valuable and precise lessons and the friendship."

--Michael Marks, DDS - Silver Spring, MD

"I wanted to say it was a pleasure to meet you and to thank you and Mr. Conti for taking the time and trouble to deliver my guitar.  I'm back home and have had a chance to play it for a couple of hours. It sounds awesome through my Fender Deluxe Reverb and the neck and action really makes it easier to play. As soon as I get my Band-in-the-Box software working again, I'll cut a video with the Equity. Thanks again and I look forward to seeing you and Mr. Conti at the next NAMM show."

--Bill Meacham - Aliso Viejo, CA

"Unpacked it Friday, still admiring it, playing it, admiring it, playing it, etc. The Equity matches your description in all ways, the photos really don't do the guitar justice. Came through in great shape, you guys know how to pack 'em.  Also thanks for the DVDs and the tuner, much appreciated! Best wishes to all, continued success and thanks again."

--Peter Bas - Houston, TX

"Received the guitar as you know and I love it!  I raised at the bridge and still have the action set low at .01/.02 at one and .04/.05 at the twelfth.  It is unlike any archtop I've played in that the combination of the scale and the 16 fret body make it feel like a longer scale which is most comfortable but of course it is shorter for efficient chords and increased warmth.  Very nice. I am interested in what Mr. Conti's set up is.  Must be extremely low based on where this guitar was when I received it.  I'd guess straight neck with .01/.02 or less at the first.  .03/.04 at twelve?  This will be my primary guitar for everything but finger picking."

--Robert Mercer - Mason, OH

"Case closed, this is the guitar of the future. The appointments far exceed all my expectations and make all of my studies pertaining to jazz guitar a monumental  pleasure. Many bell-like tones, bone nut, perfect neck, solid woods. All my other guitars are now on probation.  Once you get your hands on a "Conti/Equity" guitar, there is no turning back."

--Toby Tobias - Kingston, NY

"Mr. Conti, It was an absolute pleasure meeting you last week.  I still can not believe you and Mike hand delivered the guitar to me in person at my hotel in Las Vegas, NV.  I've  had a few days to play it and the "Conti Guitar" plays like a dream and sounds as beautiful as it looks. Your guitar will be the standard I use to evaluate any other guitars I may play in the future. You got it right! The success of this guitar could only be limited by the level of promotion and advertising it receives.  I'm a customer for life."

--Michael Hallberg - Bridgeville, PA

WOW!  This is an absolutely superb instrument!!  I played on it for about an hour, and then took it on a quintet gig on Friday!  It was extremely comfortable, like some favorite slippers.  Then, I took it on a 2-hour solo jazz guitar gig on Saturday.  It is like I have been playing this axe for years!  Plays "like butta'"!  There is not a weak point on the guitar.  The highest quality materials, excellent craftsmanship, stunningly beautiful appointments, a "singing" sound to die for, light and well balanced in weight,  a professional setup so well done that I could gig with it right out of the box.  AND a terrific price!  I can't imagine that there is a better value dollar for dollar in the "fine guitars" market than the Equity.  Thanks so much for 1) making the Equity a reality, and 2) making it available to your customers.  There is no other guitar related business where you can get the highest quality in educational materials that really work, a superb instrument at a great price, and the best in customer service and support like Pinnacle Production Group. Absolutely first-rate! Thanks for making this happen for me!  You're the tops!

--Mike Irish, Houghton, MI

"I've played the Conti Guitar in a big band setting (18 piece) playing 40's swing and in a sextet.  I really liked it for the longer gig because of its light weight; it didn't dig into my neck after hours of playing.  It is very comfortable.  I like the feel of the neck and it is an attractive instrument.  I own 26 guitars, both archtop and hard body and the Conti is in my top five to gig with.  I have appreciated the professionalism Mr. Conti has shown with all of his products.  (I'm a repeat customer, and proud of it!)  I've met him at a couple of trade shows and he is warm, friendly and sharing.   I may not be getting much better but I sure feel good about playing Conti's songs, both from his books/tapes and from his Just Jazz Guitar submissions."

--Michael Canyon - Compton, CA

"I received my Conti Jazz Guitar yesterday and what an amazing guitar. The action is superb, the fast action of the neck, the lightness, the tone and the clear trebles and basses. I am so pleased with my new investment and I just wanted to sincerely thank you for introducing to me this fine work of art. I was so excited that I practiced for 3 1/2 hours and didn't even realize it. Time flies when you're having fun. Thanks again, and I know I will enjoy this fine guitar for years to come. I love it!!"

--Larry Herrera, Albuquerque, NM

"I wanted to play Jazz guitar for many years. But a thirty year Navy career came first. Just could not find the time to dedicate the hours of required practice. I am 65 years old, retired, and finally have the time.  I have only been playing serious for about 6 months. I found the Robert Conti instruction DVDs on the web, ordered them and am having a ball. I've only been playing for 6 months but I feel like I have 6 years of knowledge.  Thank you Mr. Conti. My "Equity" is a beautiful piece of art to admire and to play."

--Frank Whitehouse, Alton, NH

"The Equity guitar arrived in just 2 days from Las Vegas, NV to Barcelona (Spain)!!!  First consideration: it's more pretty in direct, photos do not do justice.  Second: I was pleasantly surprised by the great acoustic tone and volume unplugged.  Third: plugged in my Acoustic Image Clarus 2R + Raezer's Edge 12ER ... the sound is superb, very impressive, warm and sweet. The volume and tone controls give much play to experiment with them.  I love her neck and the shallow Florentine cutaway.  I very much appreciate the work of Mr. Robert Conti offering such a high-level guitar at a very affordable price. Thanks again, Mr. Conti.  Besides, I am lucky to have a guitar played by Mr. Conti himself.  A little extra that makes me very happy.  Thanks also for all the kindness shown to me by Mike Costantini."

--Carles Vidal - Barcelona, Spain

"My new Conti Equity guitar is awesome. The low action is the best I have seen.  It weighs about half or less than my 335 type guitars. The tone is wonderful, having a lot of mellow acoustic qualities.  If you think you like semi-hollow or hollow body electric guitars, then you absolutely must try the Conti Equity.  You will not be disappointed. It is a dream to play, and you will say "This is one I have been looking for!""

--Rex Goodell - Las Vegas, NV

"The Conti guitar is first class and impeccable in every way. Above all, it sounds beautiful. The finish is flawless. Every part of the guitar that can be bound is and mostly in multiple binding. The headstock is reminiscent of great archtop guitars. The fingerboard is as smooth as glass. All the inlays are perfectly done. I like the rosewood tailpiece as opposed to a metal type. The bound rosewood pickguard is a nice touch of class. The hardware and controls are all the best quality. The neck is cantilevered so it doesn't come into contact with the top and reduce vibration.  None of the subtler points of quality are ignored. This is to say nothing about the action, which is the closest I've ever seen and really makes it a joy to play. The action is so close fingering is effortless.  I was curious to see what another guitar maker (one you've heard of) would want for a guitar of this quality, did some research, and found that you would have to pay anywhere from 3-5 times as much for a comparable guitar. At least.  This guitar is nothing less than a triumph of beauty, functionality, and value."

--Jim Canini, Stanton, CA