Conti Guitars

Joe Ialacci – Hamilton, NJ

I love playing guitar. I am not a professional musician by any stretch, not even of my own imagination. I have a few guitars now that I’m older and have a little more time to play. My favorite used to be my 1979 Les Paul Custom. It’s a Silverburst and in extremely good condition. My wife asked me, “why don’t you sell that one and … Read more

Tony Drake, Las Vegas, NV (R.I.P.)

In my 40+ years as a professional studio recording and touring musician, I finally found an instrument that meets all of my needs as a guitarist. The Conti Guitar is well thought out, made out of top quality material and beautifully designed. It has the appearance of an instrument costing well over 3 or 4 times the price, yet Mr. Conti makes this excellent instrument … Read more

Jean-Jacques Coulet, Précieux, France

The guitar arrived yesterday, a day early. It is very beautiful and completely conforms to the description. It is properly adjusted and very easy to play. I knew that the Conti Guitar was manufactured by Peerless and I decided to buy without having seen or tried the instrument. I’m not disappointed even though I had to part with three good guitars. I had a Godin … Read more