Adam Hinchliffe – Huddersfield, United Kingdom

What a beautiful way to start the day, a brand new Conti guitar, just perfect out of the box. This guitar sings beautifully like a church bell. I opened the box and I found two complimentary sets of strings, a chord melody DVD, a tuner and a beautiful velvet cushioned gig bag. The guys at really know how to blow you away, first a great guitar (that I am finding hard to put down, poor neighbours) and then secondly they even went above and beyond throwing in some goodies I didn’t expect.
Well, what can I say about the guitar? I have to say when first holding the guitar I lit up like a Christmas tree, as you can see on this picture. Robert plays these guitars before sending them out to make sure they are up to his standards and apparently he didn’t want to let this one go. I sure can see why the action is low, there is no fret buzz and as I said before it really sings. This guitar plays like a dream and reacts beautifully to the articulation of the pick. It’s warm, has a lovely character of its own and feels smooth, sweet and silky to play. Anyway I won’t bend your ear anymore; the proof is in the playing, so I think you can all guess that I am going to go back to playing my new guitar. Thanks Robert Conti, all of your team, you really delivered on this one.

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