Plays as smooth as glass.

Bob Roetker with Conti Heirloom Guitar

Photo with my new Heirloom model! Looking forward to trying this beauty on a gig. The sound acoustically is wonderful and it plays as smooth as glass. Hoping to send a video soon. Best Regards, Bob Roetker

Finest guitar I have ever owned, period!

“The new Conti Salita model is truly an amazing guitar! I should know as I am now the lucky owner of the exact guitar Mr. Conti is playing in the new Salita video demo. Thanks to Mr. Conti and Mike in the sales office for making this possible. I received the guitar on the date scheduled in excellent condition. I was in total awe when … Read more

Jack Pezanelli – Berklee College of Music

Spectacular guitar, something I’ve been looking for for a long time.  All solid wood, attention to detail is top notch.  If I were to design a guitar for myself, it would be a lot like this. Very stable, highly recommended! -Jack Pezanelli Professor, Guitar, Berklee College Of Music

Price is entry level – rest is pure professional

The guitar is great! I especially like the Ebony fingerboard and the 24 fret features. As we have discussed, I am impressed with all its features — they belie the title “entry level jazz guitar.” If anything, the price is entry level – the rest is pure professional. It came perfectly intonated. And its sound and playability rivals that of another guitar I own which … Read more

Good resonance and sustain even unplugged

Shahin Baratpour - Ruby Red Entrada

When my guitar arrived, it was extremely well-packed and arrived on time. The first thing I noticed when I opened the case—after the amazing color and finish top—was that the guitar was set up perfectly. The body vibrated and provided good resonance and sustain even unplugged. These are really great guitars, especially considering how affordable they are. When I played uninterrupted for an hour I … Read more

Outstanding Musical Instrument

“The quality of Robert Conti’s superior lesson material convinced me to take a chance and buy a guitar without playing it first.  It is one of the best decisions I ever made as the Heirloom Guitar is a truly outstanding musical instrument.  While the looks and finish are stunningly beautiful, the sound satisfies even the most avid jazz guitar fan (me.) Even the false harmonics that I occasionally use to embellish a chord solo play with amazing clarity.  I also anticipated needing my tech to do a professional set up.  Yet I was stunned when the neck and fingerboard were in perfect alignment right out of the box.   If I said this Heirloom guitar exceeded my expectations, it would be an understatement.”

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