Impeccable Guitar…

Erwin sits with his brand new Port Wine Conti Entrada thin body archtop guitar

For the last two decades or so I have been looking for a guitar with the following specs: thin body single cutaway jazz guitar, single pickup, good quality, good looks and above all affordable. I think I nailed it this time. I was browsing the web for the millionth time when I stumbled upon this site of Robert Conti. I immediately mailed them and they … Read more

Everything you described it to be…

Elliott joins the Two Conti club as he displays his new 15 inch Sunburst Entrada archtop jazz guitar, alongside his first gen Equity model.

Robert, the Entrada is everything you described it to be in the personal video you sent — and more! It plays smoothly and the notes are clear and very sharp. My wife, Linda, likes the color of the guitar, and the look of the Gold Finger tailpiece. In your video you explained that the Gold Finger tailpiece contributes to the sound of this beautiful arch … Read more

Value of my Conti instruments far exceeds the price

Pete Sternloff, collector of many guitars takes a moment to pose with his two Conti Entrada archtop jazz guitars!

I collect guitars with a large collection of new and preowned. Most are the latter. I have dealt primarily with dealers in acquiring the 125 instruments I own. The value of my Conti instruments far exceeds the price I paid for them as the quality and playability of both of these instruments is far greater than the price paid. Out of the box I can … Read more

Excellently finished. . .Fantastic playability

Loek Hagen stands with his gorgeous natural blonde Conti Entrada archtop guitar

Due to the tropical climate in the Philippines (humidity, temperature) I started looking for a good quality jazz guitar with laminated construction up to $ 2,000. I have been following the offers of the better Koreans, Chinese and Japanese on various sites for quite some time. Below 2k, however, the supply was limited. Moreover, the shipping costs often turned out to be high because of … Read more


Pete Connelly relaxing at home with his elegant new natural finish Conti Entrada Archtop Jazz Guitar

Thank you for the wonderful purchasing experience of this new Robert Conti “Entrada” archtop guitar. From the outset I spent a lot of time with your team member Mike guiding me through all of the options available for this beautiful instrument and finalizing the payment of the purchase price. Patience was more than exemplified by both Mike and Steve. They assured me that the Guitar … Read more

Feel like I am their most important client!

Paul Leithold of famed Leithold Music on the gig with his gorgeous new Sunburst Conti Entrada!

What a great guitar! I have bought a lot of guitars, and I have to say I have never encountered a seller/manufacturer who cares this much about satisfying their customer. I feel like I am their most important client! Thank you!  This jazz club is up 20+ stairs. Nice to finally be able to bring a single guitar to play the gig – standards, funk, … Read more

A real crowd pleaser…

Rory Cotter jammin' on his new twin pickup natural Conti Entrada archtop jazz guitar!

That pre-shipment video was magnificent. A real personal touch. She arrived yesterday. A stunning lady. I have adjusted the action back and put a plain G on and adjusted the saddle to suit. I have a few gigs this weekend so I will try to get some photos and maybe a video. Outstanding. Thanks again. Over the moon. Not just with the product, which is … Read more