Layout and playability are first rate… (video)

“I purchased my Conti Entrada used about a year ago. I was looking for a smaller body archtop, and it fit the bill. I quickly discovered what an excellent guitar they are to play. In addition to being so ergonomically copasetic, with a 16″ shallow body, the layout and playability are first rate. Perhaps the best aspect is the tone. While a thinner body obviously … Read more

Tony Drake, Las Vegas, NV (R.I.P.)

A 2024 Birthday Wish from Tony’s Wife, Lisa Gay To the Sweetest Man I have ever known, “Happy Heavenly Birthday to my Tony Drake”! Yes!! Not to mention one of thee most respected Session and Touring Guitarists in our Music Business for 54 years!! Tony was the driving force for me to return to my singing and record our debut CD “Watch What Happens” with … Read more

Plays so smoothly…Outstanding Customer Service

A smiling James Burke with his twin Kent Armstrong pickup Conti Entrada archtop jazz guitar in the beautiful Port Wine finish, featuring the Midnight Package upgrade

My Conti Entrada plays so smoothly and is so BEAUTIFUL too. Thank you for providing outstanding customer service. Including the personalized video of Robert Conti playing my actual guitar was so SPECIAL. No other guitar company has ever provided this HIGHLY INDIVIDUALIZED customer service. This was one of the best online guitar purchases that I’ve ever made. Thanks Mike for answering all of my questions … Read more

A much-needed dream come true…

Protean purchased 3 Conti archtops since 2009!

2024 – 2 Entrada Archtop Guitars Wonderful guitars. I call them my “fraternal twins”. Both of my Robert Conti designed guitars play magnificently, and carry the sound of a full size electrified arch top with the amazing dual Kent Armstrong pickups, Fantastic workmanship. They are both stunning beauties. One cannot go wrong with purchasing such a guitar that is in the superlative. The best design … Read more

Love the guitar and its playability…

Steve Scheller with his natural blonde Conti Entrada archtop jazz guitar

Buyer Assurance Video Let me just say, wow. I knew that I was going to receive a personalized video, but I must say that I am very impressed with the care and time put into this, as well as the values and integrity that Bob and the company have shown toward delivering this instrument to me. For him to refer to my prior emails, many … Read more

Gorgeous and comfortable to play…

Howard Jao sits with his new Conti Entrada in Port Wine, 15 inch body

I’ve already got my new Entrada Guitar (15 inch) I love it, it’s gorgeous and comfortable to play I love the Port Wine color with gold finger tailpiece. Also I want to thank your Support and Service Staff; they are great, always informing me of the status of my purchase. When I saw your Entrada guitar demo in Youtube, I said I gotta have one.  … Read more