Conti Guitars

This guitar is simply the best!

Jerry with his Conti Entrada Archtop Guitar

“Hi, my name is Jerry McKinnon and this is a picture of me with my wonderful Conti Entrada guitar. This guitar is super excellent when it comes to sound, playing ability, and needless to say -appearance. I’ve owned many guitars, but this guitar is simply the best! Thank you Robert Conti for your excellent products. For those of you thinking about getting one, do it. … Read more

Each note is tuned to perfection!

Joseph Ahmad with his double pickup Conti Heirloom Archtop Jazz Guitar

“Thank you so much Mr. Conti. I am very excited to start practicing with this guitar and hopefully showing it off at some jazz gigs in the near future. I am very grateful that you were able to personally go over the optimal conditions for the life time health of the instrument as well as the features. I must admit, the guitar sounds and chimes … Read more

It is so easy to play…

Skjalg holding his Conti Heirloom Archtop

“My new Heirloom arrived safely in Norway some days ago and I couldn’t be happier! It is an incredible guitar. It was thoroughly packaged and the support and follow up from Conti Guitars was top notch so I felt in good hands all the way. Also very special to have a personal video from Mr. Conti himself playing and advising about the guitar. The sound … Read more

Build quality is perfect…

Ken Schultz with his Left Handed Conti Entrada

“Beautiful to look at, and beautiful to play! Today is International Left Handers Day and look what FedEx delivered! My beautiful Port Wine Entrada – Left Handed of course. The sound is just like the looks, beautiful, clear and crisp, even without an amp. It arrived earlier today and I can’t stop playing it. The build quality is perfect and the Port Wine finish is … Read more

Passion more than business…

Philippe with his Conti Entrada Archtop Guitar

Comments on Pre-Ship Video A big thank you for this very long video for my new guitar. What a pleasure to see you play it. Thanks also for all your very detailed explanations. I see that your passion is really intact and it confirms to me that I made the right choice. Fedex announces a delivery next Monday in the evening and I can … Read more

I Love This Guitar!

Larry Zumwalt with Conti Heirloom Archtop Guitar

Happy 4th of July 2019 to all of you Conti Guitar players from an El Dorado County California Combat Infantry Veteran! I call my new baby My Little Blonde. She will never sound as good as she did when Mr. Conti played her and sent me my video, but I’ll give her my best effort as she is my main axe from now on. She … Read more

Everything I could want out of a guitar…

Nick Weakley with his new left handed Port Wine Conti Entrada Guitar

“Whilst I am very much a late starter and a beginner with guitars I have very rapidly come to love the quality and feel of a guitar. Therefore although still learning to play and gain a limited amount of skill I am fortunate to have a few good guitars so I cannot ever blame the tools I am using. My new Entrada has everything I … Read more