Gorgeous and comfortable to play…

Howard Jao sits with his new Conti Entrada in Port Wine, 15 inch body

I’ve already got my new Entrada Guitar (15 inch) I love it, it’s gorgeous and comfortable to play I love the Port Wine color with gold finger tailpiece. Also I want to thank your Support and Service Staff; they are great, always informing me of the status of my purchase. When I saw your Entrada guitar demo in Youtube, I said I gotta have one.  … Read more

This IS the guitar of one’s dreams…

Mr. Vaugn with his gently used first generation Conti Equity archtop!

First, the punch line: After a month I’ve concluded that this guitar is not a substitute, surrogate, or compromise for that more expensive jazz box that one longs for and cannot afford. This IS the guitar of one’s dreams. I’ll be as brief as I can. I have many guitars. But no real jazz guitars. I don’t play much jazz, but sometimes want to go … Read more

Guitar indeed plays like a dream (Switzerland)

Berry in Switzerland stands proudly with his beautiful new Sunburst Conti Entrada archtop thin body jazz guitar

Dear good – sorry: BEST – people at Conti Guitars, I would like to thank you all very much again – the Entrada guitar was delivered today in best order, shape & form. Sincere thanks for all your advice, support and time. Thank you also very much, Mr. Conti, for the splendid video – I don’t match your heights in expertise but am making up … Read more

Acoustic sound is amazing…very playable

Anthony in the UK gives a big thumbs up to his new slim body Conti Entrada archtop jazz guitar in Port Wine finish

Just received my new Robert Conti Entrada via FedEx, a day ahead of schedule, within four days from America; great service and beautifully packed, perfect condition – real credit to Robert and his boys. It’s an absolute beauty! For a slimline, the acoustic sound is amazing in terms of clarity and tone. Very playable and highly recommended; wonderful value for money. -Anthony Gilsenan – Ashington, … Read more

Finest guitar I’ve played in all the years…

Peppino stands proudly with his TWO left handed Conti Entrada archtop jazz guitars!

My Conti Entrada archtop will most likely be the finest guitar I’ve played in all the years I’ve been playing. Left handed guitars are a scarce commodity; I’ve had my Gibsons, D’Angelicos, Epiphones, etc etc,… but NONE play better than my Robert Conti Entrada right out of the box, I’ve never set it up – it’s “perfect” as it is. No need to get technical, … Read more

Insane set up and action (video)

Alfie Dean of the UK in live performance with his Sunburst Conti Entrada archtop jazz guitar

“The guitar plays effortlessly, the slim neck and articulate Kent Armstrong pickup make for a guitar that practically plays itself. All this is nothing without the insane set up and action on this model – Mr. Conti wasn’t lying when he said this is as good as it gets! I couldn’t be more pleased with this guitar and the service! Ordering American guitars to the … Read more