Conti Entrada Arrives In Australia…

Thank you Mr. Robert Conti! I viewed your personalised introduction video with joy and anticipation. It’s been five days since she arrived and I have certainly fallen in love with my beautiful new Conti Entrada. As promised, she felt great out of the box- such a pretty thing- and came with a great quality gig bag. I plugged her in and what a gorgeous sound. After such a long trip, I gave her a quick tune and action/ intonation check. I was smitten. She’s a bit like a super-model- beautiful from all angles but has more than just the looks. The neck is pretty special- delightful and effortless to play. The ebony really feels wonderful, the dimensions and shape make playing a breeze- it seems almost easier to select individual strings. Abalone inserts are super nice. Headstock really is beautifully shaped and proportioned and genuinely classy in my opinion. Tuning keys are top quality and really accurate- stays in tune really well too. I’m really enjoying the string gauges. Electronics are all silent and work well. She feels wonderful in my arms.

Overall impression- there is no question that she sounds and feels like a high-class instrument- is a high-class instrument. I find myself turning to look and admire her frequently- I’m so happy with my purchase. Mike and Steve were proactively helpful and responsive to all my questions and provided genuine and enthusiastic high quality customer service, which made the whole experience so nice. I look forward to a long and happy relationship with my new baby. Thank you!

Tony Silber – Victoria, Australia

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