Donald Grass – Beaumont, CA

Second Conti Guitar

The Entrada just walked in the door! What a Beauty!! Mike, your the Best! Thank you, very much, for the care and handling it took to get it here. Very grateful to all involved. It’s a pleasure doing business with a first-rate outfit. Mr. Conti, thank you for taking the time to review my guitar. Your attention to detail is a hallmark of your playing and your business. Mr. Conti, Mike, et all, Good Luck and Good Health to you and your families. Very much appreciate it!!

First Conti Guitar

To all at What a pleasure it is doing business with a first class organization such as yours! From the initial contact to the final arrival (right on time!) of your beautiful instrument – the whole process has been flawless. The guitar is a work of art – fine craftsmanship. Tough to describe, like owning a fine watch, the precision and attention to detail is here. I will play it and admire it, play it and admire it, play it and. . . Thanks to all for your time, effort, support and generosity. You have made this a memorable association.

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