Dr. Michael Yollick – Scarborough, ON, Canada

I received the guitar on Wednesday as promised. I was completely blown away by its appearance. I did not anticipate that a blonde guitar would have the darker brown highlights on the neck. Also the inlay fret markers are stunning and really light up in bright light. The neck is fantastic. I now think I can keep up with Robert with his amazing runs on the guitar. The action is incredible. I have rock guitar, a Music Man Axis Sport which is known for their necks and it is great but I can play even faster and with more control on the Conti guitar. I have an old fender concert tube amp which I had to add a Tech 21NYc and Digitec digital delay to to warm my other guitars. But with the Conti i just went straight into the clean channel and I am in Archtop heaven. I really think that with this instrument I will improve as a guitar player. As I may have mentioned before I am 64 years old and I play mainly to ward off senility while my wife likes to do crossword puzzles.

I also have to thank you for all the other learning materials you have sent me and for the tuner. Your company has always exceeded my expectations which is something I strive to do for my patients and I know this cannot be done without an incredible amount of effort and a real sincere concern for the customer, as well as the bottom line of the company. So In closing please tell Robert how pleased I am with this guitar and the way I have been treated by your company.

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