Each note is tuned to perfection!

August 6, 2021 – Comments on Solid Body Prototype

“This solid body guitar maintains the nuances of the archtop sound of the Heirloom and Entrada models. It sounds just as good or even better, I would say! Many other guitars with a similar output may cost a few thousand more dollars online or in guitar stores, but I can tell that this guitar is unique; it has been carefully crafted in both exterior design and pickup capabilities to  optimize playability and the bright bell sounds of jazz. The high end sounds fantastic! The exterior design is marvelous as well, and I’m sure this will serve as my primary guitar for shows for the rest of my career. Thanks for everything that went into constructing this masterpiece! “

September 29, 2019 – Comments on Heirloom:

Joseph Ahmad with his double pickup Conti Heirloom Archtop Jazz Guitar

“Thank you so much Mr. Conti. I am very excited to start practicing with this guitar and hopefully showing it off at some jazz gigs in the near future. I am very grateful that you were able to personally go over the optimal conditions for the life time health of the instrument as well as the features.

I must admit, the guitar sounds and chimes are breathtaking, each note is tuned to perfection! Once I plugged it into my amp and played that first Gma7, I knew right away that this is a “surround sound” instrument. The light reflecting off the gorgeous Antique Sunburst color creates a warm, welcoming atmosphere to the listeners. This is meant to be played in front of a jazz audience, big or small! It feels like I am playing an epic, ancient artifact at times! What an absolute pleasure to explore chords and melodies with this luxurious instrument. You just can’t get a better sound than this. Many thanks to the Robert Conti team for the complimentary video and I will continue to tell it’s legendary tale through YouTube!

Thank you once again, and I look forward to continuing my studies of jazz guitar and the Robert Conti method.”

-Joseph Ahmad – Raleigh, NC

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