Everything I had been looking for

After receiving his personalized pre-ship video

Robert, I continue to be blown away by your organization each time we interact. I recall a few years back when I called your company with a couple of questions and YOU answered the phone and we chatted for 15 – 20 minutes. That was very gracious of you and something I knew I would never forget. Well, you have taken things even further with this video. You define personalization and customer service and so many businesses should sit up and see how you do things…we would all be better off for it. Thank you so much.

Yes it has been a few years since we did some business together. And I am grateful that you never took me off your mailing list. The email a couple days ago with the Entrada offer hit me just at the right time. You see, I own a lot of average guitars (some I built myself); they are nice but I never thought I deserved a really good one. So my plan was to get rid of everything and buy a good Martin and focus on acoustic music. Then I opened the message with the Entrada opportunity. It had everything I had been looking for previously but had settled far short of my dreams. It was gorgeous, an excellent pickup, great components, ebony fretboard with a flatter radius, thin body, lightweight and the inlays! Can you tell I am excited? Thanks to Steve who patiently answered my many questions.

I really love the attention you devoted to her in the video. As a basement guitar maker, you were speaking my language when you talked about truss rods, humidity, string gauges and tension. Don’t worry, she will be well cared for.

Thanks again for everything. I will send a video in a little while.

And as our paisano Clemenza said in the Godfather, “…don’t forget the cannoli”

Updated Review from Russ:

Years ago, I had the need to call the telephone number at the robertconti.com website to learn which DVDs would be best suited for me. When the party answered my call, I almost dropped the phone as Robert Conti was on the other end of the line. We must have chatted for close to 20 minutes. So gracious with his time and so honest. I felt like we were buddies from the old Philly days. I purchased a few DVDs and learned a ton!

Fast forward to 6 weeks ago. About 5 years had passed since my conversation with Robert; I had not bought any other learning DVDs from him since, but I was kept on the mailing list (thank you!). I received the email message about the Entrada for sale at a reduced price due to a slight flaw in the headpiece (which had been repaired).

I clicked on it and was overwhelmed. It was gorgeous. Port wine finish, gold control knobs and tune o matic bridge, ebony fretboard and tail piece, one Kent Armstrong vintage pickup, abalone and mother of pearl inlay, gold tuners, and much more. I was torn because arthritis in my left wrist was making it difficult to continue playing my current jazz box. But this guitar was different…it was thin line, and there was no solid wood piece inside. Just light enough.

Did I want to spend the money on a guitar I wasn’t test driving? Well, over the next 2 days, I must have chatted with Steve online for 2 hours. I checked out YouTube videos, I watched the videos of Entrada owners on the Conti website. Finally, I was ready and pressed the Buy It button on the website. And I could not be happier!

First, it is gorgeous. It sends shivers down my spine it is so pretty. Sometimes I just look at it and can’t believe it is mine. It is elegant in its simplicity. It is uncluttered to look at and the color combination is awe inspiring.

Second, it plays like a dream. When Robert says that each instrument is professionally set up before shipment and played by him personally, this is the truth. I can play longer than before as the neck is wonderful and the action is responsive.

And here is an accidental benefit I just discovered. I don’t know why – but using the thin Conti picks in conjunction with this guitar produces less stress on the wrist as I glide across the fretboard.

The versatility of the guitar is also not to be understated, I play a lot of jazz blues, but it can scream with the best of them with rock blues as well.

So, in closing, the email with the Entrada offer came just at the right time for me. I was ready to abandon jazz and go back to finger picking acoustic music. That would have been a decision I know I would have regretted.

Thanks Robert! You made me an offer I’m glad I didn’t refuse!

-Russ Caraotta, East Aurora, NY

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