…had never imagined buying a guitar without trying it

“Thank you so much for this great guitar, a beautiful Conti Entrada Natural blonde, that arrived yesterday in France. FedEx did a great job; it was delivered right on time, only two days after shipping.

I greatly appreciated the fact that Robert had made a pre-video. A nice présentation, personally tailored explanations, including a very touching tribute to Francis Lai and Michel Legrand. Well beyond a commercial gesture, it was an expression of his generosity and passion, in addition to the concern for perfection that we find in everything he does.

Following his advice, I left the guitar several hours in its shipping box, to allow the wood to adapt to any change in temperature. Packed with great care, the guitar was pretty much in tune. Like all owners of your guitars, I was pleasantly surprised by its workmanship, as well as the fine quality of the wood. I immediately found the neck extremely comfortable; the guitar easy to play. The sound, round and sweet, even without using an amplifier. Thanks to the care your technicians took in preparing the shipment, my guitar did not suffer at all from transport.

I would also like to thank your colleagues, Mike and Steve for their excellent advice. We established a good contact by email as well as by phone with Mike. I really appreciated the personalised attention your team gives each client.

I had never imagined buying a guitar without trying it out first, but with all the guaranties from Robert I could order with confidence. I am very pleased and take pride in my purchase. Thank you very much and greetings from France!”

Christiane Séguy – Zeinheim, France

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