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James Hopkins on the beach with his new Sunburst Conti Entrada Archtop Guitar
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It is a dream to play…

“I really love this new guitar, it is a dream to play, the ebony fret board is so smooth and the low action really helps me when playing some of the harder piano style voicings built in thirds. I love the gold hardware with the sunburst effect, combined with the dark ebony fret board, it looks so classy. I’m destined for beautiful jazz when playing this amazing Conti guitar. I took it to the local technician to adjust the action slightly due to a little bit of fret buzz, caused by the long journey here.

When I collected it, we were right next to the beach so we took a photo of the guitar here in the middle of the English summer. I then put it back in the case, and went home. I have been playing this guitar, and ONLY this guitar ever since.

Thank you so much for the free DVDs and booklets too, I’ll be working on them for a long time to come.”

-James Hopkins – Brighton, United Kingdom

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