It plays perfectly every time…

What are the chances of another Robert Conti ordering a Conti Guitar!

The Entrada is excellent. I wanted to give it a fair bit of playing before responding in order to give my full thoughts. Right out of the box it’s marvelous to look at. I still sit and just stare at it from time to time simply to enjoy its beauty. It plays perfectly every time. No matter what style or manner in which I desire to play it, I can always customize the sound exactly to my liking. From the action to the resonance, every aspect of this guitar is exactly what I was hoping it would be. It takes the slightest amount of pressure to play any note, and my fingers bounce off the stings when I pluck as if they’re trampolines. I couldn’t have asked for a better instrument for a better price. And with my own name on it for no extra charge! All of my siblings are very impressed, and my one brother who also plays may even consider buying one.

Honestly, I can see myself playing this guitar for the rest of my life, and I’m sure that from your expert craftsmanship, it will still play even after I’m gone. I’m so excited for the many years I have ahead of me with this guitar and I’m sure that my appreciation will only continue to grow. Thank you for all your help in the matter of obtaining a new guitar. From the whole process, to the shipping and the follow-up, not to mention the personalized video and instrument itself. I really couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Thanks again for everything!

(The Other) Robert Conti,
Newburgh, NY

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