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Jim Canini, Stanton, CA

The Conti guitar is first class and impeccable in every way. Above all, it sounds beautiful. The finish is flawless. Every part of the guitar that can be bound is and mostly in multiple binding. The headstock is reminiscent of great archtop guitars. The fingerboard is as smooth as glass. All the inlays are perfectly done. I like the rosewood tailpiece as opposed to a metal type. The bound rosewood pickguard is a nice touch of class. The hardware and controls are all the best quality. The neck is cantilevered so it doesn’t come into contact with the top and reduce vibration. None of the subtler points of quality are ignored. This is to say nothing about the action, which is the closest I’ve ever seen and really makes it a joy to play. The action is so close fingering is effortless. I was curious to see what another guitar maker (one you’ve heard of) would want for a guitar of this quality, did some research, and found that you would have to pay anywhere from 3-5 times as much for a comparable guitar. At least. This guitar is nothing less than a triumph of beauty, functionality, and value.

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