Joel Lackey – Las Vegas, NV

As a teenager, my first “real” guitar was a used Gibson ES-295. I played it to death and then very proudly bought a new 1964 “Barney Kessel” model. I have since owned every archtop Guitar in the Gibson catalog. My favorite being the L-5 Wes Montgomery model which I still own . Since I consider you my mentor, I decided to try the guitar that has been designed and produced by you. You really nailed it Bob. The Conti Guitar has captured the essence of the Gibson L-5 while expanding its capabilities and designing in extra added attractions that only a working guitar player can appreciate. For instance, the guitar meets the body at a different fret level allowing access to the upper register above the 12th fret, the relocation of the input plug in a different place so that you don’t wear out your cords AND pants with constant gigging, and the characteristic humbucking sound has not been left behind either. The thin body style reminds me of my gigging guitar, the Byrdland, but you haven’t engineered out the acoustic sound. This is the guitar that we have been waiting for!

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