Layout and playability are first rate… (video)

“I purchased my Conti Entrada used about a year ago. I was looking for a smaller body archtop, and it fit the bill. I quickly discovered what an excellent guitar they are to play. In addition to being so ergonomically copasetic, with a 16″ shallow body, the layout and playability are first rate. Perhaps the best aspect is the tone. While a thinner body obviously won’t deliver the same degree of low end as a deeper body, you don’t miss it. It has enhanced clarity across all frequencies without sacrificing warmth. They sound even better plugged in – where the tone really comes to life. They are easy to play and exceptionally responsive instruments, as well as well built and pleasing to the eye. All this at a remarkably low price, given what you get. I will be experimenting with the ebony bridge, but can definitely commend the balanced projection you get from the tune-o-matic bridge. These are simply delightful guitars!”

Ross Bliss
Victoria, BC Canada

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