Mark Bauer – Cincinnati, OH

I’ve had my Conti Guitar and Henriksen 112 amp for about one month now, and I couldn’t be more pleased. I’ve played three gigs out already and have been very happy with my tone in each venue. I made a small bridge adjustment (raised it slightly) out of the box due to some minor buzzing which is likely because of the high humidity where I live. Since then, all I do is tune and play. The intonation is outstanding and the ease of play is superior to my other archtops. My experience with Mike and the guys during my purchase has been outstanding. Thanks for providing such a high quality, reasonably priced guitar. I will enjoy this rig for years to come.”
UPDATE 7/22/2011:
“Have I told you how much I LOVE this guitar! Finally I have an axe that produces a beautiful clean jazz sound with the lightest touch…and it screams the blues through overdriven systems like the MESA Transatlantic 30. It’s the only guitar I’ve played since receiving it in May. Thanks again!

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