Michael Marks, DDS – Silver Spring, MD

My first impression of the guitar was WOW! It is truly beautiful and it plays like a dream. Smooth and sweet. The tone is gorgeous through both the Fender Princeton and the Johnson Millennium. I love it through the Roland 120 setting on the Johnson. But I am just using the Fender for practicing. It has a lot of great tonal variation. But playing it is phenomenal. The neck is absolutely the best I have ever played. I just tuned it up and it played perfect all the way up to 24th fret. Not a buzz and intonation is perfect. The neck has just the right spacing so the complex chordal inversions fall perfectly under my fingers and the single string notes just glide off the neck. It is fast and precise, just like Robert. With this guitar and the DVD’s I am actually able to execute the chops and grips much more fluidly. As we all know, guitar is not easy to play well; but this guitar is easy to play and just makes me want to not put it down. I thank you all very much. It was nice to find a tuner and the complimentary DVD’s in the package, greatly appreciated. It was truly a pleasure to meet Robert and talk with both of you last Sunday evening. Well, thank you again for the fabulous guitar, the exceptionally valuable and precise lessons and the friendship.

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