My Second Conti Guitar…Fantastic Instrument

Norway Calling, again! I bought my second Conti Guitar! New Blonde, fantastic instrument. I got my first in 2009. Since then, the Conti Guitar became my main guitar. The new one is just as lovely as the first. They each have their character in sound. I highly recommend this instrument. I also have the pleasure of owning a Henriksen Jazz Amp. This amp works very well with this guitar. Recommend it highly.

What is so good with the guitar? Well, it is incredibly easy to play. It has a lovely sound, not to mention quality from top to toe. It has a reverberation that is amazing. Intonation and mechanics is certainly on par with everything else of top quality. My Gibson ES-175 has not been in use since 2009. My first Conti Guitar has just gotten better and better. The timber does not crack, and the neck and body are stable. If you did compare my new guitar with the first, which is five years older, then you would probably not be able to guess that it was five years difference. But they have of course their own unique sound.

If there is someone in Norway, Trondheim city, which has been wanting to try the guitar, please contact me. I am the sound and music teacher at Trondheim Cathedral School (Secondary).
Again I thank Mike, Robert and the team around the guitar and learning material for again showing fabulous service. Yes, I hold on to forget – test out the fantastic learning material Robert has created. He is a hugely talented educator and guitarist – arguably world class practiced within its genre. I have two great role models in jazz. It’s Pat Martino and Robert Conti.

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