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Paul Getty with his Twin Pickup Blonde Entrada Archtop
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New Blonde in the Neighborhood

“Since laying my hands on this Conti Entrada a few weeks ago, it has quickly become my “go-to” guitar. It is not only a pleasure to play due to its flawless out-of-the-box set-up that allows fast, effortless playing, but it also sounds terrific through my large collection of amps, pedals, and computer modeling software. I have about 25 guitars in my collection ranging from a Gibson L5, Super 400., Les Paul Custom, PRS, Fender Strat, – most of the classics. The Conti Entrada not only stands up to head-to-head comparisons with these great guitars, it goes beyond in many respects as a very easy to play guitar that delivers a very wide range of sounds from jazz to blues and rock. It is also very comfortable and relatively light weight yet delivers a very creamy and full big-box sound.

If this is your first guitar or your 20th guitar, you won’t be disappointed. This instrument is very likely to take your playing to a new level. Highly recommended.”

-Paul Getty – San Francisco, CA
Former Motown Player and Sideman for Stevie Wonder

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