Conti Guitar Worldwide Owner Comments

Enjoy this sampling of photos and commentaries from owners of Conti Guitars around the world. 

Dr. William Bozeman – New Smyrna Beach, FL

I have played many fine archtop guitars, but I must say that my Conti stands out among all of them. Playability was perfect upon arrival. Sound is warm and robust through my Polytone amp – notes are even throughout the length of the neck. Frankly, there’s nothing that I would change about the instrument. To say it’s a great guitar for the money is misleading. It’s a great guitar – period!

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Billy Stanley, Charlotte, NC

Over the years, I have come to rely on my own ability to set up my guitars without consulting the “Pros”. After pulling my new Equity out of the box and picking through a few tunes, out of habit, I grabbed the toolbox. After about 10 minutes and a few delicate tweaks of the bridge and truss rod, this bad boy was singing like a bird and ready to dig serious pay dirt! Now, after playing this fine instrument for a couple of weeks I can honestly say it is my #1 Axe! I am absolutely enchanted with the warm classic jazz tone this piece of wood produces. The action in the neck is silky smooth and the frets are blindingly fast! Playing this guitar is awe-inspiring and beckons the player to reach for their very best! I must say, I have fallen in love and it seems to get

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Mike Keeling, Auckland, New Zealand

Here’s a photo of me with cheesy grin occasioned by my new Conti Guitar which arrived safe and sound, only 4 days Las Vegas to New Zealand! Beautifully packed—might spend some time reading the Las Vegas newspapers! First impressions are of a beautifully finished instrument, the fret polishing is impeccable. It even has that new guitar smell! Going out to the local guitar shop to buy a new strap, won’t insult it with a tatty old one. Buying a guitar sight unseen is always a time of mild stress, will it be what they claim? Will the neck be a small tree trunk, etc.? I read all the patrons’ comments and went ahead. Guess what? They were all right on the nail! It’s a pleasure to play and is beautifully styled. I will never achieve Roberts level of playing but I’m going to have huge fun trying! I always wanted

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Patrick Browning, Pittsburgh, PA

Thank you for being you – I love the books , DVDs and the Conti Guitar is unbelievable. I would like to thank Mike for getting it in my hands around my busy travel schedule and the guitar tech who set it up. It’s true, I unpacked it and tuned it up and it played perfectly. You have no idea how long I have dreamed of being able to play chord melody but until I began your program I really didn’t make any real progress. Thank you!

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Sylvain Goek, Bremen, Germany

I received the Conti Guitar and the Henriksen JazzAmp last Tuesday, in due time. Everything arrived in perfect shape. What can I say about the Conti Guitar? Well, the guitar matches your description in all points. Noble materials, high quality finish. Plugged into the Henriksen JazzAmp, the guitar delivers a clear and warm sound. I would like to thank you guys for your competent and individual support during my purchase (the online support by chat during my order on your website was a unique experience, Steve!) and for the learning material. Congratulations to for the quality of their products and for the great service.

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Mark Bauer – Cincinnati, OH

I’ve had my Conti Guitar and Henriksen 112 amp for about one month now, and I couldn’t be more pleased. I’ve played three gigs out already and have been very happy with my tone in each venue. I made a small bridge adjustment (raised it slightly) out of the box due to some minor buzzing which is likely because of the high humidity where I live. Since then, all I do is tune and play. The intonation is outstanding and the ease of play is superior to my other archtops. My experience with Mike and the guys during my purchase has been outstanding. Thanks for providing such a high quality, reasonably priced guitar. I will enjoy this rig for years to come.” UPDATE 7/22/2011: “Have I told you how much I LOVE this guitar! Finally I have an axe that produces a beautiful clean jazz sound with the lightest touch…and

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Hans Rønningen, Gjettum, Norway

I am very pleased with my Conti Guitar, thank you. I work as an actor/musician in a theater in Oslo, and I think I will use it in my job this winter. It sounds great and is so light weighted. Very nice. I love the playability and I am happy to have it in my collection.

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Douglas Martin, Woodinville, WA

I finally got a second to write you and tell you how much I’m enjoying this wonderful guitar. It’s hard to fault this guitar for form, fit or finish. I think it’s on the level of a custom shop Gibson, but with some better appointments. I currently have a Gibson ES-165HE and a ES-135 that have both been professionally Plek’ed and they don’t play as well as this Equity right out of the box. I’m really enjoying the lightweight thinline body, can play it for hours and not feel weighted down – my ES-135 feels like I’ve strapped on a bag a bricks by comparison. All I can say is I’m quite impressed with my blonde Conti Guitar, especially the fast, low action Ebony neck. Thanks guys for sending me the close up pictures and helping me feel comfortable about spending 2 large on a guitar I’ve never seen or

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Geordie Thompson – Perth, W. Australia

My Sunburst Conti is a dream guitar and the light weight is a real key factor for me as I had trouble standing for long periods with a full size archtop. This one made all my fellow muso’s jealous with is smooth tone and great feel. Thanks Robert and the Conti team, the support has been fantastic and it’s all a matter of practice now!

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