Conti Guitar Worldwide Owner Comments

Enjoy this sampling of photos and commentaries from owners of Conti Guitars around the world. 

Stefan Haeusser – Bad Endbach, Germany

I received my guitar last week. It arrived in excellent condition! It is really an amazing instrument. So beautiful with perfect action and a warm and sweet sound. The Conti Guitar is very comfortable and it is a joy to play. I am very happy with my Conti Guitar! I want to thank you, for the great service, the complimentary DVDs and the Tuner. Best wishes to all.

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Dr. Michael Yollick – Scarborough, ON, Canada

I received the guitar on Wednesday as promised. I was completely blown away by its appearance. I did not anticipate that a blonde guitar would have the darker brown highlights on the neck. Also the inlay fret markers are stunning and really light up in bright light. The neck is fantastic. I now think I can keep up with Robert with his amazing runs on the guitar. The action is incredible. I have rock guitar, a Music Man Axis Sport which is known for their necks and it is great but I can play even faster and with more control on the Conti guitar. I have an old fender concert tube amp which I had to add a Tech 21NYc and Digitec digital delay to to warm my other guitars. But with the Conti i just went straight into the clean channel and I am in Archtop heaven. I really

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Alan Shaw – London, England

I hadn’t picked up a guitar in months. Arthritis had arrived with age and at 82 years I missed making music. Then I read about the special attributes of the Blondes, and the special features in their make-up. I did truthfully however still have some fears. I put them aside, and Mike was doing everything possible to get the Blonde to me before the VAT (tax) increased in the UK. All went to plan, the guitar was in my hands, and I was playing again. My hand could grasp the fretboard, my fingers were able to find the chords which I had thought were long gone to me, and their most beautiful sounds filled my ears and heart. Everything possible that could be said about this wonderful instrument produced by Robert Conti has been said. I would add that the equally wonderful Robert Conti team that handles their superb product

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Wayne Harper – San Antonio, TX

All I can say is “Oh my God,” just a tweak on the tuning and it was ready to hit the stage right out of the packaging. This is an amazing instrument, what else can be said about a guitar that looks, plays and feels like a handcrafted custom costing 5 times as much. It plays like velvet but yet has a balanced acoustic sustain that rivals any archtop guitar on the market. The action and feel of the neck is superior to anything I have ever played. The pickup placement is ideal for warm pure jazz tones and also has a defined crispness for melodic solo work. As a working musician, this guitar is ultimately my new tool of choice. My deep appreciation to Mr. Conti for making such an instrument a reality. God bless, merry Christmas and happy holidays!

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Murray Biggs – Wellington, New Zealand

I am very pleased with my Conti Guitar, the way it sounds, the way it looks – it really stands out. The amp arrived safe and sound. Have just plugged it in and it sounds great. Please pass on my thanks and best wishes to Robert for a great guitar at a great price and with the Henriksen JazzAmp, what more could you ask for? Mike, thanks to you for all your help; you are a real professional and it has been a pleasure to do business with you over the Internet.

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Dennis Taylor – Munich, Germany

Well, I made it to Germany. I put the guitar in the overhead compartment. Everything went well. On arrival in Munich, I walked out behind a fat lady and no one noticed me, so I didn’t pay any customs. It’s a great guitar. I’ve been playing it since I arrived- really nice tone. And that neck is like glass with great action!

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Dennis Lane – Somerset, KY

For those familiar with the excellent quality of the teaching products of Mr. Conti and the Pinnacle Production Group, it will come as no surprise that the Conti Guitar maintains that very high standard for quality and affordability. In times of a tight economy every dollar counts, and this beautiful guitar is a great value – beautifully made, excellent shipping and follow-up from Mr. Conti’s associates, beautiful to hold and play. I am extremely happy with mine and I am a rank beginner, but this instrument exceeds all my expectations and will be with me as long as I can fret chords with one hand and pick strings with the other. Thank you Mr. Conti for making this guitar available at such a reasonable cost and for your dedication to teaching the skills and joy of jazz guitar.

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Steve Vetter – New Westminster, Canada

Just had to say thanks for the mention at the beginning of the Ticket To Improv, Vol. 3 DVD. It was so cool to hear you talking to me and thanks so much for the compliment you gave me as well. By the way, you’re very welcome for me letting you use my guitar for the video! The more I play this Conti Guitar, the deeper my appreciation goes for this fine instrument. She plays so smooth and even all over the neck that it actually feels like it’s drawing jazz lines out of you. I’m having so much fun playing it. Great stuff Robert, you truly are the man! Thanks to you all at…’s good.

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Dr. Kathleen Durante – Gold River, Canada

I presented Pinnacle with a unique challenge – ship a Conti Guitar to my workplace – a remote village in rural British Columbia – with no cell service, no weekend deliveries…just one totally stoked customer dancing about anxiously awaiting its arrival. Mike not only met this challenge, but went above and beyond to ensure this beautiful instrument arrived safely in my hands and performed perfectly. “Thank you” doesn’t even come close to expressing my gratitude for his exceptional service and communication. Robert has designed an extraordinary piece of living art – absolutely beautiful to hold, super fast light action, and gorgeous rich tones. It is a joy to play, impossible to put down – a real gem. Showed it to a local teacher (nearly had to pry it out of his hands) and to a pro luthier who was astoundingly impressed! The ease of playing this wonderful instrument together with

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J. Eldon Woodcock – Oshawa, Canada

It was indeed a pleasure to meet both of you at our hotel in Las Vegas. The “CONTI GUITAR” meets my expectations and is truly a fine guitar for me and a real friend to keep my goal of being a wannabe guitar player. As I promised, enclosed are some pictures of me and my new “BUDDY!” Beryl sends her regards as well.

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