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A big thank you for this very long video for my new guitar. What a pleasure to see you play it. Thanks also for all your very detailed explanations. I see that your passion is really intact and it confirms to me that I made the right choice. Fedex announces a delivery next Monday in the evening and I can not wait to receive it. I would love to record a video clip in response to your attention, as well as some pictures. Another big thank you and especially for your final medley in tribute to this French music that you like (I also like Francis Lai and Michel Legrand who left us recently). See you soon, I’ll have fun with this guitar, I’m sure! Wishing you the best for the future!

Comments After Receipt of Entrada

Hi Robert and Steve, thank you very much for your great and very kind attention. The guitar arrived in perfect condition. No trace of a scratch. The sound is really good, I’m even more surprised by the semi-acoustic sound of the instrument. Note that I wanted an Entrada and not a Heirloom, because I wanted a guitar with a more mellow sound. I am completely satisfied for that. I live in the mountains, in the Alps near Grenoble and 600 meters above sea level. The air is drier here but right now the humidity variants are important, I actually think I have to adjust the action of the strings.

Thank you for many tips, by chat and video. Your service is up to your excellent reputation. I feel passion more than business. I will now watch the learning videos and enjoy studying what Robert is offering. I still have a lot of progress to make, and Robert’s approach to music interests me. So thank you again for this instrument really very beautiful construction.

What a pleasure to play on this beautiful instrument. Sincerely wishing you the best for the future.

July 31st Update:

Still really great thanks for your professionalism. I really dealt with a team of pros. This is the first time I buy an instrument that I have not first played. Besides, I humbly admit that I have watched your guitars for over 2 years and it is only last week that I decided to take the risk. I can testify now that I made the right choice. I chose to take an Entrada which is a laminated guitar because I wanted to get closer to the sound of my ES175D, which I sold. In addition I have 2 other massive archtops. For the sound, I actually found the sound more electric than I was looking for but with a slight acoustic sound. A real treat. The ease of play is really present and finally I hardly had to adjust the action of the strings. The guitar is pretty and the instrument is very well finished. It must be said that the finish “Port Wine” with the gold finger tailpiece is really very beautiful, very chic!


Now I have to get used to playing a gauge strings 11/48 because I use 12/50 usually. But it will be an opportunity to look for another way to touch the strings.

The surprise is also great looking at the educational videos that are quite exciting, I think I will work all this with pleasure because there are small gems in these videos.

So once again a big thank you, I feel that I’m going to be jealous here!

Philippe Cazaly – Chirens, France

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