Paul Pitt – San Diego, CA

Out of the box, the Conti is bright and jazzy (makes you feel good) not screechy like a rock guitar. The guitar is fast, low flat action, none of the usual buzzing from having been shipped and very easy to play. The frets have a nice feel and are easy on your fingers. What you play is what you get, even quickly when you change chords with each beat. Being solid wood makes it more tonal. In other words, the pickup is not the only thing affecting the tonal result. I got that as soon as I started playing it. The Ruby Red finish is awesome. Breathtaking, including the gold accessories. The gig bag is also nice. So there I sit with an awesome guitar in my lap, perfectly designed to play jazz. No matter what I learn or become, this guitar will be at that level. It is a professional tool made to do exactly what it does, and well. I knew it would be like that with the Robert Conti name on it. Well I am off to Long Beach with the Conti Guitar, it will be in a jazz performance of sorts today!

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  1. Paul, great to see you–not surprised you seem to have a new guitar. Will you email or call me? I haven’t seen or spoken to you in WAY to long.


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