Plays Incredibly Well. Very Fast Action

Bob Minchin holding his new Ruby Red Conti Heirloom archtop jazz guitar

Just received my new Conti Heirloom archtop jazz guitar today. I am very impressed with it. Really a great looking instrument with excellent craftsmanship that plays incredibly well. Very fast action. I love the fact that it has a large radius fretboard which feels flat – it seems easier to play that way. And the fact that the cutaway allows reaching the higher frets easily. Plus, its slim line design and light weight makes it very comfortable to play. All in all a professional level guitar with some great features. I’ve been playing all my life and started with Robert’s materials many years ago and then started playing professionally after not being able to play for many years due to hand problems. His method and thinking are superior to the methods I had studied previously and revealed the “secrets” I had been searching for. Thanks Robert!

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