Randy Klingbeil, Austin, Texas

My first impression of the Conti Guitar was that it was thoughtfully designed, very different from any other guitar out there. The combination of the full 17″ lower bout combined with the thin body makes it very comfortable for my right arm to rest on the guitar and the resulting neck position makes for ideal left hand low stress positioning. The construction materials and components are top notch as well. I love the position of the input jack, it’s right where you expect it be, the first try. Super nice gig bag as well. Great job on a terrific instrument that I expect will get a lot of playing time.

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1 thought on “Randy Klingbeil, Austin, Texas”

  1. Hi I just bought a Robert Conti equity and I think its yours from what the sales rep tells me I just bought it today in Columbus Ohio great guitar it is the black single plckup Im a Chet Atkins player well try to be I have 4 telecasters so this is a bit of switch good luck


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