The Perfect Dream Guitar

Response to Pre-Ship Video:
Thank you very much for this personal and detailed courtesy video! This is certainly the best customer experience I ever had! I was extremely excited and enjoyed listening to your playing. I almost felt bad taking the guitar away from you 🙂 I also enjoyed listening to all the details you provided. Your devotion, patience, and attention to details are admirable! The experience and passion that you present makes me positive that I’ll get the very best. I’m confident it will arrive safely. And I promise to update when it does arrive. Also, I wanted to thank your crew for their devotion. In particular, the technician for taking care to set up the guitar, and also Steve and Ann for helping me answer all the questions I had with great patience. Thank you! I wish you all good health, happiness, and all the best of everything possible from the bottom of my heart!

Upon Receipt of Entrada:
Thank you Mr. Robert Conti and your dedicated crew for this beautiful sounding and gorgeous guitar! It arrived safely with no issues. Fedex did a good job and the guitar is flawless! It plays wonderful! Couldn’t be more happy. This is truly a unique experience that shows your devotion and care for what you do so well. Sending my warm regards, good health, happiness, and the best of everything! Welcoming you to visit us in Israel.

-Aviv Shemesh – Israel

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