You’d Be Smiling Too…

…if you were holding this beautiful instrument. My Entrada is exactly what I was looking for in a new guitar. Great tone, easy to play, gorgeous, and affordable. Pictures don’t do it justice – the combination of the Port Wine finish, gold hardware and inlays is stunning. I selected the dual pickup version, where I can dial the Entrada to either a smooth jazz sound or a more bluesy and even country style. It’s also much lighter than my previous semi-hollow archtop, which helps in how easy and fun it is to handle. Mr. Conti’s video showed that my Entrada performs beyond anything I’ll be able to pull from it. I want to thank him, Mike and Steve for all of the great customer support they provide, both in the purchase of the guitar and for the courses available from the Robert Conti website. If you’re looking for a great jazz guitar that’s both elegant looking and a joy to play, get an Entrada – and then you’ll be smiling too!

-Ralph Bowe – Columbia, MD USA

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2 thoughts on “You’d Be Smiling Too…”

  1. 4/25/23 – April 2023 is Jazz Appreciation Month. I’d like to express my appreciation to Robert Conti for both the wonderful guitars he has designed and the excellent jazz guitar courses he has created. Since receiving my Entrada I am using it to work through Volume 1 of the Ticket To Improv course. I can’t say I’m speeding through it, but I am enjoying each of the projects in it.

    So in recognition of Jazz Appreciation Month, congratulations Robert on your outstanding career as a jazz musician as well as being a provider of outstanding jazz guitars and courses.


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