Douglas Martin, Woodinville, WA

I finally got a second to write you and tell you how much I’m enjoying this wonderful guitar. It’s hard to fault this guitar for form, fit or finish. I think it’s on the level of a custom shop Gibson, but with some better appointments. I currently have a Gibson ES-165HE and a ES-135 that have both been professionally Plek’ed and they don’t play as well as this Equity right out of the box. I’m really enjoying the lightweight thinline body, can play it for hours and not feel weighted down – my ES-135 feels like I’ve strapped on a bag a bricks by comparison. All I can say is I’m quite impressed with my blonde Conti Guitar, especially the fast, low action Ebony neck. Thanks guys for sending me the close up pictures and helping me feel comfortable about spending 2 large on a guitar I’ve never seen or held. Also, thank you Robert for including the promo picture addressed to me, that extra touch made the whole “new guitar” experience very special. BTW, I’ve named her Marilyn because she’s an absolute blonde bombshell!

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