Conti Guitar Worldwide Owner Comments

Please enjoy this sampling of photos and commentaries from owners of Conti Guitars around the world. 

Note: Items dated before October 2016 refer to the 1st generation Conti Guitar.

Dr. Sebastian Peter – Nassau, Bahamas

THANKS!!! Robert Conti is a genius. His instructional books a DVDs are a prescription for significant improvement in guitar playing artistry. When I opened the package with my new Conti guitar, I was astonished by its visual beauty. I started playing and was in amazement. I have played guitars costing over $40,000 dollars in showrooms, but I could not put my natural Conti down. Robert Conti please stay in good health and keep up the good work.

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Geordie Thompson – Perth, Australia

All going well between the blonde and the brunette with the blonde still adjusting to the weather a bit. The double pickup natural blonde is a great complement to the single pick up sunburst, with a special sound all of its own. Each are unique in their own way and feel great to play. The quality of these instruments is second to none and I am sure as the word gets out they will be a prized possession of many great guitarists. Thank you Robert, for taking the time to develop this guitar and Mike, for your great service and support.

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Melvin Freeman – Canby, OR

As I write this, I can see my new Conti, natural blonde, single pickup, guitar sitting in its guitar stand. I’m at a loss for words in telling you how beautiful it is. For me, the 17″ body is the right size for a jazz guitar. The scale length, 24.6 inches, fits my hand better than the 25.5 inch, and the neck joining at the 16th fret is great. The Conti Guitar is a real joy to play, and I’m looking forward to connecting it to the Henriksen JazzAmp 112. Then I can really begin my new venture in electric guitar playing. Years ago, I played an acoustic guitar. Now that I’m retired, I have been bitten by the guitar bug “again.” With my new Conti Guitar and the Source Code DVD series, I have sidestepped a lot of frustration and dead ends. I now feel that I’m on my

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Jim – Missouri

Mike, I just wanted to let you know that my new Conti guitar arrived safe and sound. I’ve already had it out and and begun playing it. It sounds great…lush, toneful, and resonant. And the action is smooth and fast. Thank you for postponing its delivery until I was back in town and for your care in ensuring that it arrived safely. And thank you for the complimentary Smoking Lineman and Jazz Lines DVDs as well as the Intellitouch Tuner. I am bowled over by your generosity. Please tell Mr. Conti that I love the new guitar and can’t put it down. I hope some day to have the good fortune to meet him and you.

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Joe Ialacci – Hamilton, NJ

I love playing guitar. I am not a professional musician by any stretch, not even of my own imagination. I have a few guitars now that I’m older and have a little more time to play. My favorite used to be my 1979 Les Paul Custom. It’s a Silverburst and in extremely good condition. My wife asked me, “why don’t you sell that one and buy the other guitar you want?” She obviously does not understand the complexities of guitar ownership!!! I must say that as of now, my new Conti is my favorite guitar. I come home from work at lunch time and eat as quickly as I can, and then I play the Conti Guitar for a half hour before returning to work. As soon as I walk in the door, I play again until my wife comes home and gives me the look. It’s not a bad

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Tony Drake, Las Vegas, NV (R.I.P.)

In my 40+ years as a professional studio recording and touring musician, I finally found an instrument that meets all of my needs as a guitarist. The Conti Guitar is well thought out, made out of top quality material and beautifully designed. It has the appearance of an instrument costing well over 3 or 4 times the price, yet Mr. Conti makes this excellent instrument affordable for the working class musician. Out of the box, the Conti Guitar delivers the feel and sound of an “old friend” that I have been playing for years. The only thing that I changed was the 3rd string G from a 20 wound to an 18 plain, because I do a lot of string bending in my style of playing which is Rhythm, Blues and Jazz. Any guitarist who is into fine instruments and takes his playing seriously, should give this guitar great consideration,

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Jean-Jacques Coulet, Précieux, France

  “The guitar arrived yesterday, a day early. It is very beautiful and completely conforms to the description. It is properly adjusted and very easy to play. I knew that the Conti Guitar was manufactured by Peerless and I decided to buy without having seen or tried the instrument. I’m not disappointed even though I had to part with three good guitars. I had a Godin Multiac Jazz but it was far too heavy so I appreciate the lightness of this new guitar and its playability. The neck is perfect and flawless. I played a little blues with a slight overdrive on the bridge pickup and it responded very well. I also like the fact that it is a thinline design, as it’s very comfortable. I played a concert last Saturday and I am quite satisfied. In summary, I love this guitar.”  

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Steve Hardy – Salzburg, Austria

“Thanks for the call yesterday. I couldn’t resist taking the guitar out of its shipping box today, despite my resolution to wait until I return from my Canada trip. What can I say? What a beautiful object it is. If a bear chews off my left hand next week in the wilderness camp, I will still keep this instrument for its gorgeous looks. The next “Wow-factor” is the action, fretboard and fluent playability. A mere 5 minutes was enough to make it clear to me that this is my number 1 instrument. And I haven’t even plugged it in yet! So I think you get the idea – I like it – a lot. 😉 I’d also like to thank you for the exemplary service. In these days of “anything goes as long as it makes money,” it’s good to encounter people providing an excellent product they are totally convinced

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Patrick Browning, Pittsburgh, PA

There’s only one thing better than having a Conti guitar and that’s having two! I was fortunate enough to be able to purchase a second guitar for traveling and once again, thank you Robert, Mike and staff. In the mid 70’s I had a black beauty Les Paul that was my favorite guitar but in the mid 90’s we were separated and I could never find a guitar I liked as much. When I received my first Black Conti Guitar, it reminded me of the past so I bought a second (Sunburst) and life is good again! Thanks for a great set of products and service.

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