Conti Guitars Ship Worldwide

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Continental United States:

Current Rate (as of 03/25/2023) :  $88.00 via FedEx Ground/Home Delivery

International Destinations:

Because of our worldwide shipping volume, FedEx provides us with preferential shipping rates and accumulated credits that allow us to extend highly discounted rates to our patrons at great savings. In our experience, FedEx is also the most reliable, and most importantly, “damage free” shipping service worldwide. 
Due to continuously fluctuating fuel costs, shipping rates change weekly. As such, we are unable to post accurate international shipping rates. If your purchase window is within 7 days, to obtain the lowest shipping rate for your location, please complete the form below. We will reply with an accurate quote for your new Conti Guitar.

All shipping rates are FOB Idaho Falls, ID USA. Rates are transport only. Please contact your country’s taxing authority to determine any applicable import duty/tax as we are unable to provide such information.