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Entrada Featuring TOM Bridge and Gold Finger Tailpiece Upgrades

Our World Wide Owners

An instant success in 2009, the Conti Guitar is the go to archtop for players both amateur and professional around the world. Like our learning resources, we let our patrons do the talking. Take some time to read commentaries from a sampling of Conti Guitar owners around the world.

Steve Merr, Kingston NY

Nothing feels like an Ebony fingerboard…

I ordered 2 Entradas. These guys really make buying a guitar fun. They are eager to speak with you, answer your questions, and always get back to you if they have to check something out. Feels like you’re buying a guitar from an old friend. One Entrada was dead perfect right out of the box. Even in perfect tune!! It still has barely gone out of tune. The other needed a bit of tweaking to get it the way I like it, but nothing major. The surprising thing is that both of these played like butter right out of the box. It has what I would call Jazz Lights on it (11’s) but it feels more like it has 8’s or 9’s on it! The neck is THAT fast! And of course, nothing feels like an Ebony fingerboard, except an Ebony fingerboard. All in all, a most enjoyable experience. It’s hard to have a Conti guitar sitting in your house and not play it, so you better get all those errands done before it arrives. – Steve Merr, Kingston, NY

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Terry Gillen – Tring, UK

Even though I own a Conti Equity archtop, I couldn’t resist the temptation to buy a honey blond Heirloom. Recognising an anxious customer, Mike ‘held my hand’ through the purchase and import process and FedEx did an excellent delivery job. As for the guitar, what can I say that hasn’t already been said by other ecstatic customers? It is visually stunning, the build quality is impeccable, the playing ‘feel’ is excellent (size and balance of the guitar, neck dimensions, profile and fretboard radius – how did you guys get it so ‘right’?) the set-up is spot on, even after a journey of several thousand miles, and the sound is crystal clear everywhere on the fretboard. The name Heirloom is apt because that is what it will become. It is a truly lovely guitar and, at this price, even after paying to import it, it’s a bargain. My sincere thanks to everyone.

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Steve Negri with Ruby Red Heirloom Archtop

Steve Negri – Summerville, SC

This year I gave myself a truly fine gift for my birthday. Witness my Ruby Red Conti Heirloom Guitar. It is the finest instrument I have ever owned, including a Gibson Gold Top Les Paul, a Gibson ES355TD, a Martin Classic O model, and a Johnny Smith model Gibson to name a few. The action is unsurpassed and the tone is mellow and superb. Such a pleasure to play and hear. Thus have I satiated my guitar lust for years to come. If I live another seventy-three years I may become its equal.

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Dave Illig with his Conti Entrada Archtop Jazz Guitar

Dave Illig – Houston, TX

“Right out of the box the Entrada played perfectly. Low action with great tone. I am extremely impressed with the quality of the guitar. The ebony fret board is made with a very high quality piece of ebony, the grain is incredibly tight. I am very surprised that the bridge, tail piece, tuning knobs and even the nut cover are all ebony. I’ve seen guitars that cost three times as much as this one that don’t have that level of high quality accouterments. The machine heads are very smooth and have a very high gear ratio which allows for precise tuning. The playability and rich tone far exceeded my expectations. I have no idea how Mr. Conti can produce a guitar of this quality at such a reasonable price.” -Dave Illig – Houston TX

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Joe Basebase – Las Vegas, NV

I’ve had too many guitars in my lifetime but the Entrada I recently bought is outstanding. I love playing it and it has killer action with a beautiful jazz tone. Does not rattle anywhere which is unusual. It is very acoustically live unplugged and has a killer tone through my AER. The thin body is very comfortable to hold sitting or standing and is lightweight. I must thank Bob and his staff for excellent service. I really love this guitar. Thanks again. mahalo!

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Set Up To Stringent Specifications

When you’re Robert Conti, you play a lot of notes.
When you play a lot of notes, you need a neck that plays like butter.
When you  need a neck that plays like butter, you better have a good luthier.

Prior to shipment, every Conti Guitar is scrutinized by a highly qualified luthier with 30+ years of experience – not your typical music store punk who doesn’t know the first thing about fine archtops.  Each instrument is set up to Robert’s specifications and fully inspected.

(Try getting that kind of treatment from the online catalog sites)

Personalized Pre-Shipping Video Intro

As an integral part of our First Class Customer Service, before your guitar is shipped, you will receive a personalized high quality video, wherein Robert Conti plays and introduces you to your new guitar.

The Most Desirable Features

We introduced the first generation Conti Guitar to be the most affordable, feature rich archtop on the market. However, we certainly understand that the solid wood model may still be out of reach for some aspiring jazz guitar students.  As such, the laminate model is by no means stripped down.  See info below for what we believe are the most important features that you’ll find on both the solid and laminate models.

(Mouse over images for info)

Ebony Fingerboard

Not only richer looking, but feels great under the fingers allowing you to execute those burnin’ Conti lines with precision.

Real Abalone & MOP

The colorful luster of the inlays contrast beautifully with the bold ebony fingerboard. Don't settle for a plain, unattractive guitar when you can have a well dressed instrument sure to impress any audience.

Output Jack Placement

Logically positioned output jack 4" from end pin. This saves your pants from fraying when playing in a sitting position.

Shallow Florentine Cutaway

What good are 24 frets if the cutaway hinders you from accessing the entire fingerboard? If you've seen Conti perform, you know he makes use of each and every one of those 24 frets - now you can too!

Low Action

You don’t want your axe fighting you with every note you play. The long slim neck on all Conti Guitars allows the lowest action possible, which creates that “plays like butter feel” for hours of playing enjoyment without fatigue.

Preferred Gauge Strings

Having played jazz guitar for 5+ decades, you can imagine that Robert has tried just about every string that exists. While strings are a personal preference, we believe you’ll enjoy the balance achieved by his pre-configured gauges.

The Journey

Through the course of many prior years, numerous guitarists have solicited my advice on how to find a great sounding jazz guitar with excellent playability at an affordable price.  I’ve observed many aspiring jazz guitarists who have unknowingly limited their potential by playing an inferior instrument, almost always due to the constraint of high prices. On the other hand, I have also seen dramatic improvements in skill levels even when entry level guitarists begin using a quality instrument that is set-up to play easily. In 2006. . .

The Conti Archtop Jazz Guitar is the result of 55 years of on the bandstand playing experience. 

Yes, We Really Mean 55 Years

(and still going strong!)