Conti Guitars

Joel Lackey – Las Vegas, NV

As a teenager, my first “real” guitar was a used Gibson ES-295. I played it to death and then very proudly bought a new 1964 “Barney Kessel” model. I have since owned every archtop Guitar in the Gibson catalog. My favorite being the L-5 Wes Montgomery model which I still own . Since I consider you my mentor, I decided to try the guitar that … Read more

Toby Tobias – Kingston, NY

Case closed, this is the guitar of the future. The appointments far exceed all my expectations and make all of my studies pertaining to jazz guitar a monumental pleasure. Many bell-like tones, bone nut, perfect neck, solid woods. All my other guitars are now on probation. Once you get your hands on a “Conti/Equity” guitar, there is no turning back.