Conti Guitars

Jeff Borthick – Bluffton, SC

I love the Conti Equity – Robert chose the combination of features that has eluded everyone else. A solid spruce top on a thinline? With a deep cutaway? Yeah, baby! This instrument is a topshelf blend of art, science and genuine craftsmanship that is really easy on the hands, the back, and the eyes – and really difficult to put down. Inspirational – and more … Read more

Bob Roberts – Spokane, WA

I have been playing the Conti Guitar pretty much exclusively for jazz arrangements since I got it. I even use it for fingerstyle jazz arrangements because of the easy action and the access to the high registers. I own several other guitars (a couple of Taylor acoustics), but the Conti is my favorite archtop!

Bård Foshaug – Moen, Norway

NORWAY CALLING! The Conti guitar is amazing, the best guitar I have! Both I and the students are impressed by the quality of this instrument. The Conti Guitar is from this day, my main guitar. It took 5 days from USA to North Norway. Good service. The school and students are also impressed by the ingenious way Robert Conti teaches on the DVDs and books. … Read more