Conti Guitars

Dr. Kathleen Durante – Gold River, Canada

I presented Pinnacle with a unique challenge – ship a Conti Guitar to my workplace – a remote village in rural British Columbia – with no cell service, no weekend deliveries…just one totally stoked customer dancing about anxiously awaiting its arrival. Mike not only met this challenge, but went above and beyond to ensure this beautiful instrument arrived safely in my hands and performed perfectly. … Read more

J. Eldon Woodcock – Oshawa, Canada

It was indeed a pleasure to meet both of you at our hotel in Las Vegas. The “CONTI GUITAR” meets my expectations and is truly a fine guitar for me and a real friend to keep my goal of being a wannabe guitar player. As I promised, enclosed are some pictures of me and my new “BUDDY!” Beryl sends her regards as well.

Jess Johnson – Salem, OR

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy the new Conti Guitar. Somehow you managed to create a little “masterpiece” of an instrument. This is amazing in so many ways. Also wanted to ask that you not change anything in this model. The sustain is absolutely amazing. This may have been accidental but if so it’s a wonderful accident! I did an experiment … Read more