Conti Guitars

Patrick Browning, Pittsburgh, PA

There’s only one thing better than having a Conti guitar and that’s having two! I was fortunate enough to be able to purchase a second guitar for traveling and once again, thank you Robert, Mike and staff. In the mid 70’s I had a black beauty Les Paul that was my favorite guitar but in the mid 90’s we were separated and I could never … Read more

Bill McIllwain – Junction, UT

I was presented this custom built Robert Conti Archtop jazz guitar. I played it the first set and the tone and feel is incredible. The guitars are amazing instruments and are all they should be and more than expected. The neck is like no other, and I mean that coming from a Gibson/Fender man. A must have for the serious Jazz and full tone player. … Read more

Dr. William Bozeman – New Smyrna Beach, FL

I have played many fine archtop guitars, but I must say that my Conti stands out among all of them. Playability was perfect upon arrival. Sound is warm and robust through my Polytone amp – notes are even throughout the length of the neck. Frankly, there’s nothing that I would change about the instrument. To say it’s a great guitar for the money is misleading. … Read more