Dr. Kathleen Durante – Gold River, Canada

I presented Pinnacle with a unique challenge – ship a Conti Guitar to my workplace – a remote village in rural British Columbia – with no cell service, no weekend deliveries…just one totally stoked customer dancing about anxiously awaiting its arrival. Mike not only met this challenge, but went above and beyond to ensure this beautiful instrument arrived safely in my hands and performed perfectly. “Thank you” doesn’t even come close to expressing my gratitude for his exceptional service and communication. Robert has designed an extraordinary piece of living art – absolutely beautiful to hold, super fast light action, and gorgeous rich tones. It is a joy to play, impossible to put down – a real gem. Showed it to a local teacher (nearly had to pry it out of his hands) and to a pro luthier who was astoundingly impressed! The ease of playing this wonderful instrument together with Robert’s instruction have blown away the conventional learning curve. WOW! Before receiving the guitar and these materials, I’d spent too much time muddling around with scales and theory but even after a few short weeks of digging into the Precision Technique DVD, I can flip open a Real Book and play any melody line up and down the neck with ease. What a huge jump in confidence and playing pleasure. Thank you Robert for sharing your knowledge – what a difference you’ve made in this gal’s musical development. Not bad for a new player (~ 6 months)!

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