Love the neck and fingerboard

Just wanted to let y’all know that the guitar arrived. It didn’t get here until almost 8pm last night as my wife and I were on our way out to visit friends. We got home around 1am. That is when I opened up the box. The guitar made the trip fine. I could not put the guitar down and didn’t get to bed until 2am. It is amazing.

The Conti Entrada is the most solid hollow body guitar I have ever played! I’m not a tech or a luthier so I don’t know the answer as to why it feels so good in my hands but it does. I love the neck and the fingerboard. I am able to execute runs and passages with more speed and more articulately than any of my other guitars. The sustain is incredible both acoustically (when I practice) and when plugged in. I run it through a tube amp and the tone is incredible! The Kent Armstrong pick up is hot as a firecracker. The sustained whole notes had a glistening shimmer that i have not heard from any other guitar.

Musicians with whom I have worked for years immediately noticed an elevated level to my playing while using the Conti Entrada. I never thought that a guitar would elevate my playing. But this guitar has and does. (And it is stunningly beautiful!) I cannot recommend it highly enough. Robert Conti has designed a masterpiece: The Conti Entrada.

Scott Detweiler – Woodland Hills, CA

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