Steve Hardy – Salzburg, Austria

“Thanks for the call yesterday. I couldn’t resist taking the guitar out of its shipping box today, despite my resolution to wait until I return from my Canada trip. What can I say? What a beautiful object it is. If a bear chews off my left hand next week in the wilderness camp, I will still keep this instrument for its gorgeous looks. The next “Wow-factor” is the action, fretboard and fluent playability. A mere 5 minutes was enough to make it clear to me that this is my number 1 instrument. And I haven’t even plugged it in yet! So I think you get the idea – I like it – a lot. 😉 I’d also like to thank you for the exemplary service. In these days of “anything goes as long as it makes money,” it’s good to encounter people providing an excellent product they are totally convinced of and standing behind it.”

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