Tony Drake, Las Vegas, NV (R.I.P.)

In my 40+ years as a professional studio recording and touring musician, I finally found an instrument that meets all of my needs as a guitarist. The Conti Guitar is well thought out, made out of top quality material and beautifully designed. It has the appearance of an instrument costing well over 3 or 4 times the price, yet Mr. Conti makes this excellent instrument affordable for the working class musician. Out of the box, the Conti Guitar delivers the feel and sound of an “old friend” that I have been playing for years. The only thing that I changed was the 3rd string G from a 20 wound to an 18 plain, because I do a lot of string bending in my style of playing which is Rhythm, Blues and Jazz. Any guitarist who is into fine instruments and takes his playing seriously, should give this guitar great consideration, and for “Hollow Body” players, it is “The New Bentley of Guitars!”. Thank you Robert Conti for your vision, insight and friendship.

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