Alan Shaw – London, England

I hadn’t picked up a guitar in months. Arthritis had arrived with age and at 82 years I missed making music. Then I read about the special attributes of the Blondes, and the special features in their make-up. I did truthfully however still have some fears. I put them aside, and Mike was doing everything possible to get the Blonde to me before the VAT (tax) increased in the UK. All went to plan, the guitar was in my hands, and I was playing again. My hand could grasp the fretboard, my fingers were able to find the chords which I had thought were long gone to me, and their most beautiful sounds filled my ears and heart.

Everything possible that could be said about this wonderful instrument produced by Robert Conti has been said. I would add that the equally wonderful Robert Conti team that handles their superb product did not look upon this just as a “sale.” The team took care of me as a person, understanding my problems. Thank you, Mike and your colleagues, for this care and consideration.

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