Beautiful guitar which sounds exquisite

This picture was taken by a waitress where I gigged last night. 🌙  I’ve already purchased about 10 or so guitars in the past, but Robert Conti’s marketing practice for getting such a uniquely beautiful guitar which sounds exquisite is the best I’ve experienced ever! I was happily stunned with the complimentary items that came with order. No musical outlet ever offered anything remotely close. With every purchase that I made in the past, I was forced to accept a hard case that came with the guitar, which resulted in having to buy a gig bag. Buying your excellent guitar actually saved me an additional $300.00 by gifting me your complimentary items. I’m very pleased and satisfied with my beautiful and easy playing left handed Conti Entrada guitar! Although I’m old (83) and started late in life playing the guitar, I’m so glad that I ran across your guitar and this will be my (last?) guitar that I buy?! Thank you again!🎼🎸🏹😉

Fausto Allosada – Hawaii, USA

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