Everything I could want out of a guitar…

“Whilst I am very much a late starter and a beginner with guitars I have very rapidly come to love the quality and feel of a guitar. Therefore although still learning to play and gain a limited amount of skill I am fortunate to have a few good guitars so I cannot ever blame the tools I am using. My new Entrada has everything I could want out of a guitar, quality, looks, it exudes passion and musicality – I just hope that it can turn me into something similar!! The Entrada is the first guitar which has sounded like a jazz guitar from the very first touch. Love it! It plays and feels just right, lovely action, smooth and proportioned neck makes it easy to get the fingering positions.

Thank you (Mike), and obviously Robert Conti as well, for my personalised video showing my new guitar. It was great that Robert could showcase it for me, and to provide a musical rendition of an identical right handed model. Lots of useful practical advice straight from Robert; it is an extra level of customer respect that shows his respect for his ‘babies’ and his customers. Very well received.

Once again, my thanks to you, Mike, and Robert Conti, and to all those behind the scenes that I don’t know about, who have delivered me what I asked for – a superb guitar (far better than my playing may ever be, but I do it to enjoy it and not to become a professional or play to others!!”

-Nick Weakley – Essex, United Kingdom

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