I Love This Guitar!

Happy 4th of July 2019 to all of you Conti Guitar players from an El Dorado County California Combat Infantry Veteran! I call my new baby My Little Blonde. She will never sound as good as she did when Mr. Conti played her and sent me my video, but I’ll give her my best effort as she is my main axe from now on. She plays like butter and the pickups sound fantastic. I am not a real jazzer, so I needed the two-pickup model for my vocal backup and solo act. I play a variety of clean old jazz standards like Ain’t Misbehavin, Country, Country Rock, Rockabilly and Classic Rock and Roll.

I needed a clean jazz guitar going direct into the amp along with the ability to get the other sounds when jamming or gigging with others. I’m mostly into chords and rhythm for backing up my vocals but I can play some lead when called upon. The Conti Heirloom fulfills all of my wishes. It is a joy to play and I have sidelined all my other guitars for now! On a side note, my friend Tom ordered an Entrada the day after I let him play my Heirloom! A sincere thank you to Mr. Conti and his main contact Mike and to Kent Armstrong, for all of the help they gave me standing behind the Conti name and product. I’ll sum it up by saying “I Love This Guitar!”

-Larry Zumwalt – El Dorado Hills, CA

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