It’s very pleasant to play!

“Hello Mr. Conti and a big thank you for this video presentation, it’s very nice of you. I get the guitar after tomorrow and you will share my impression of receipt. My son who resides in the USA (SF) arrives at home on Wednesday and will be able to translate me to the best your video or I only understood “Philippe” “Hello and thank you”: o))))))

Guitar well received and very well packaged ~ Thank you ~ The box was in good condition ? First impression, the potentiometers I like a lot, they are very pleasant to use. Normally, I would do the adjustment of the harmonics but apparently the bridge did not move because the strings have maintained the whole. ?

The guitar is very good I am satisfied. I am even surprised by the height of the string E at the fret 12 which does not buzz. It’s very pleasant to play!

You can rest assured that I would be doing a very favorable promotion to Conti Guitars on French sites and forums ?? ?

For a long time I lived in Paris but now I am in the countryside in deep France so I only have internet left and I’m happy to have discovered the good Conti guitars because I’m going to talk about it to my friends ? In addition your communication and your after-sales service is excellent ?????”

-Philippe Letellier – Laugnac, France

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