Fretboard action is silky smooth

This “Heirloom” is quite simply one exquisite modern jazz guitar & I am absolutely delighted with it. Out of the box, having shipped several thousand miles, a slight tweak of the G string tuning was all that was needed as the set up by your guy is perfection. What was quite unexpected however, given the relatively thin body depth, was this instrument’s beautiful acoustic sound — it truly ” sings” with a perfect Jazz voicing. Harmonics ring clear at every harmonic fret & again surprise, given the 24 frets fingerboard, the 23rd & 24th frets rang clear & true across all strings. Fretboard action is silky smooth — I am no “Tal Farlow” & have relatively small hands & fingers but to my delight, I was able to make the “Johnny Smith” 5 fret stretches on the opening chords of “Moonlight in Vermont” seamlessly — something I have always found difficult on a number of guitars.

Plugged in , the Kent Armstrong Humbucker is just right presenting a modern version of a true “Johnny Smith” humbucker albeit being slightly sweeter across the pitch range on all strings. I have found that the tone & playability of all the very best Jazz Guitars are “plectrum sensitive” & this instrument joins that exclusive club. My go to plectrum is a heavy 1.00mm D’Addario which produces an overall gorgeous tone on this Heirloom. The strings supplied work particularly well although in the past I have always strung my jazz guitars with flat wounds. Later on I might try a set on this instrument to see if I can detect any difference. I would be most interested to hear Robert’s comments/preferences on plectrums at some point.

Finish & build quality can’t be faulted & this beautiful musical instrument is just superb value for money in the UK even after shipping cost & import taxes are added on.

I ordered the hard case & this is a first class USA “Access Stage Three” case, again being excellent value — I would strongly advise anyone purchasing a Conti Guitar to get the hard case as these guitars are keepers & worth giving the maximum level of protection, particularly if shipped overseas from the USA.

Many thanks to Steve & all at Conti Guitars for truly excellent customer service as well as most helpful & informative email advice as well as super fast international shipping –made the whole customer experience truly memorable.

Oh , I nearly forgot — I have both feelings of joy & regret on receiving Robert Conti’s introductory video to my guitar. His beautiful playing brought tears to my eyes but a slightly pained feeling that this guitar may never sound like that again in my hands — but live in hope & keep trying is my motto! This beautiful video is worth the total costs of purchase alone in my view!

-David Hall – Milford on Sea, United Kingdom

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