Joe Ialacci – Hamilton, NJ

I love playing guitar. I am not a professional musician by any stretch, not even of my own imagination. I have a few guitars now that I’m older and have a little more time to play. My favorite used to be my 1979 Les Paul Custom. It’s a Silverburst and in extremely good condition. My wife asked me, “why don’t you sell that one and buy the other guitar you want?” She obviously does not understand the complexities of guitar ownership!!! I must say that as of now, my new Conti is my favorite guitar. I come home from work at lunch time and eat as quickly as I can, and then I play the Conti Guitar for a half hour before returning to work. As soon as I walk in the door, I play again until my wife comes home and gives me the look. It’s not a bad look like most husbands get. It’s the “it’s my turn to play the piano!” look. Thank you Mr. Conti for the remarkable instrument. I’m very pleased with the ease at which the guitar plays and tone and quality.

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