Love the guitar and its playability…

Buyer Assurance Video

Let me just say, wow. I knew that I was going to receive a personalized video, but I must say that I am very impressed with the care and time put into this, as well as the values and integrity that Bob and the company have shown toward delivering this instrument to me. For him to refer to my prior emails, many of which were years ago, was very kind and considerate and relevant. I was grinning ear to ear watching the video of Bob playing what was his guitar and what will soon be mine when it arrives tomorrow. It’s a pure delight to hear Bob play.

As I mentioned, in a prior email, I played an Entrada last week, and I was amazed at how well it played. I was visiting a buddy in Minnesota and we saw one used in a store. I was just so impressed with it. My buddy remarked how good I sounded playing Take 5 and playing licks I learned from Bob, so I had to go on your website to see what you had. I wanted to buy directly from you, and I preferred the wood, finish, and full-size pick up on this model you are sending over; the one I played with mini humbuckers and a Sunburst finish. Regardless , it played strikingly good and made me want to play and play and play.

Yes, I am a player, And have acquired a number of jazz skills, including licks, chords, arpeggios, melodies, and knowledge of songs, and even have some recordings under my belt. But I’m not really a true jazz player yet. I haven’t put it all together. But as I get older and find time. Bob is a great mentor and I’ll get there eventually. Thanks for the time and care put into the set up and video and I greatly look forward to receiving the guitar.

After Receipt Of Conti Entrada

I love the guitar and its playability and it has inspired me to practice more. I love playing it and am thrilled to have one of his own guitars. He has been so helpful to me as a teacher. It is a wonderful guitar that was played by one of the true greats that I hold in highest esteem.

Steve Scheller – Colorado Springs, CO

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