Melvin Freeman – Canby, OR

As I write this, I can see my new Conti, natural blonde, single pickup, guitar sitting in its guitar stand. I’m at a loss for words in telling you how beautiful it is. For me, the 17″ body is the right size for a jazz guitar. The scale length, 24.6 inches, fits my hand better than the 25.5 inch, and the neck joining at the 16th fret is great. The Conti Guitar is a real joy to play, and I’m looking forward to connecting it to the Henriksen JazzAmp 112. Then I can really begin my new venture in electric guitar playing. Years ago, I played an acoustic guitar. Now that I’m retired, I have been bitten by the guitar bug “again.” With my new Conti Guitar and the Source Code DVD series, I have sidestepped a lot of frustration and dead ends. I now feel that I’m on my way to playing the guitar the way I have always wanted to. I also want to say that getting back into guitar music has been a very pleasant procedure made possible with the help and encouragement of Mike at Pinnacle Production Group. Thank you, Mike, for your follow-up phone calls. It has been a pleasure doing business with you, and I’m looking forward to doing more business with you in the near future.

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