Thank you for the wonderful purchasing experience of this new Robert Conti “Entrada” archtop guitar. From the outset I spent a lot of time with your team member Mike guiding me through all of the options available for this beautiful instrument and finalizing the payment of the purchase price. Patience was more than exemplified by both Mike and Steve. They assured me that the Guitar would be forwarded via UPS, packed and stored in a very secure box and insured. That put me at great ease.

Within 2 days of shipment I received a wonderful video of Robert playing the exact guitar purchased. It was a great resource for hearing the guitar’s tone along with very specific information about the guitar’s materials and use of the hardware. The video contained a discussion of the Kent Armstrong Pick Up (single), control knobs, Gotoh Tune-O-Matic bridge with Ebony base. I chose the Gold Finger Tailpiece with string tensioners. His explanation as to their use and impact on tone quality was educational. In closing, the video was very personal; appearing as if I were in the same room talking to him. His share of having lived in Ponte Vedra, Florida was quite warming. In the approximate 30 minute video, I came to believe that Robert was putting out the best product at a very reasonable price compared to his competitors.

Upon arrival, I let the guitar sit for a few hours (as recommended by Robert) to allow the guitar to acclimate to the Florida climate. The packaging was first rate and the guitar arrived “without” a blemish. The accompanying gig-bag was more than ample to protect the instrument, and, with the two shoulder straps allowed the ease of carry as a ‘back pack”. Robert advised in the video that prior to shipping string tension would be dropped a whole step. Upon bringing the guitar to standard tuning, I was surprised at the richness of tune for a hollow body archtop with a body depth of less than 2 inches. The intonation was perfect and there was no fret buzz.

Conti guitars earns “5 stars” in my review. I am very pleased with the guitar and the entire purchase experience. Therefore, if your are in the market for a slim body jazz guitar, I highly recommend that you consider purchasing the Conti “Entrada”!

Peter J. Connelly – Vero Beach, FL

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